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Tirana’s Promenade

TIRANA’S PROMENADE: Culture and history minus the bustling hum of Tirana’s traffic

Looking for a spot in in the city where countless coffeehouses, restaurants and pubs collide with a fascinating configuration of contemporary and historical places of interest? Then be sure to head down to Tirana’s Promenade.

Get away from the overwhelming amount of traffic and cars that often descends upon the roads, and simply enjoy the company of people in a pedestrianised area.  Start with the 305-year old ruins of Tirana’s Castle, conveniently located at the very heart of a lengthy pedestrian pathway. You might be surprised to see one of Tirana’s most popular nightclubs situated adjacently to such a historical landmark, it certainly makes for an intriguing juxtaposition!

Stroll a few steps further and you might come across the gardens belonging to Tirana’s most popular cinema, Cinema Millennium. A cracking place to spend an afternoon relaxing and consuming some of the many available refreshments in the vicinity. The cobblestoned pathway of the promenade gives onto the main boulevard, taking you directly to the National Gallery of Arts which boasts works from the 19th and 20th centuries, respectively. Not forgetting the historically significant paintings of Socialist Realism, which you simply must see. Just across the street you can catch a play at one of the two theatres to fully round off a relaxing day of culture and relaxation.

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