Upper Curraj (Curraj i Epërm) - Into Albania

Upper Curraj (Curraj i Epërm)

An Isolated and Spectacular Northern Village

This lesser-known untouched treasure of the North, hidden among mountains and forests, is an adventurer’s dream.

On the map, you will find Upper Curraj (Curraj i Epërm) among some of the most beautiful destinations in Albania, namely Theth, Valbona and Koman Lake. Seeing as you cannot reach this beautiful spot by car, you will need to spend a few hours hiking before you can finally see the village. Actually, once you get there, you may realize that a few days are necessary to truly discover it. The only way to get to Upper Curraj is through hiking, accompanied by a trusted guide who is familiar with the rugged terrain surrounding the village. Before you leave for this adventure, make sure that you wear hiking-appropriate clothing and add some good snacks to your backpack!

Upper Curraj (Curraj i Epërm), photo courtesy of Xheni Kertusha.


The road to this destination is as spectacular as it is challenging. For the explorers and adventurers out there, this may be the ideal situation where immense beauty and rugged terrain perfectly intertwine. The locals are adapted to their simple and somewhat isolated way of life, their communication with the outside world being limited. Often, they use horses to move around the rough trails. Indeed, the roads here have been created naturally and gradually from use throughout the centuries. While most of the road is quite manageable, the biggest challenge is posed by Rrasa Pass, after which the final destination is visible. Proceed with caution but do not forget to enjoy the extraordinary beauty!

Upper Curraj, photo courtesy of Xheni Kertusha.

Unique Destination

This village is a truly unique attraction. International tourists have certainly done their part to revive the atmosphere here and, in turn, Curraj has rewarded them with its breathtaking views. The village is like a beautiful terrace, situated above the alps, offering a privileged view of the sights below. Upon arrival, the visitor will get a sense of the authentic rural life of a harsh mountainous terrain. The steep cliffs surrounding the mountain have caused many hardships so one should be cautious when visiting this enchanted but still wild place. The vegetation and the soothing sounds of nature will serve as constant companions on this journey while the former tower-houses, now transformed into inns, will welcome the traveler with their warm atmosphere and food.

Upper Curraj, photo courtesy of Xheni Kertusha.

Return to Innocence 

In Upper Curraj, it seems like life has just begun. The area was uninhabitable until a few years ago as a result of the harsh terrain. In the last few years, foreign visitors, eager for a journey back to the beginnings of time, have braved the difficulties and have been welcomed with open arms by the locals in the traditional mountainous inns. The delicious food, especially the dairy products of the alpine heights, represents another drawing factor. The crystalline water of the mountain springs, the fresh air, and the entirely virgin landscape will undoubtedly overwhelm you and distance you from the daily routine.

Upper Curraj, photo courtesy of Xheni Kertusha.

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