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Valbona Valley

An Awe-Inspiring Natural Wonder

The Valbona Valley is one of rivers, spectacular waterfalls, and endless forests under the shade of the surrounding high peaks. In this spectacular setting, organic, farm-fresh products and clear air seemingly add years to your life. This natural wonder offers a rare sense of tranquility and beauty, that is not to be missed by those looking for the most awe-inspiring of Albania’s natural treasures.


Nature has been wonderfully generous with the Valbona Valley. Located at the very centre of the Dinaric Alps, some of the most impressive peaks are located here, including Jezerca (2694 m) and Kollata (2556 m). Meanwhile, the crystalline Valbona River flows for approximately 50 km along the valley floor, surrounded by beautiful beech, oak, and pine forests. Valbona Waterfall, located not far from Gjelaj Village, is another must-see whilst in the area! The Bajram Curri road towards the village of Shoshan, will lead you to Shoshan Canyon which hides another beautiful waterfall within. Other must-sees include Vrella e Shoshanit, Xhema Lake, near the Kollata peak, Haxhia Cave and Dragobia Cave, where the great national hero Bajram Curri was killed. As you’ll see, beautiful sights crop up around every corner of this awe-inspiring region.

Similar to many areas of Albania, in these mountainous zones, excellent hospitality has also been inherited by generations of locals across the centuries! When the time to relax approaches, you’ll feel right at home in the traditional bujtina, guesthouses built and managed by local families. Roasted mutton sausage, delicious goat’s meat, fresh trout, homemade pickled assortments, and fresh cheese are some of the culinary staples here. The homemade liquors and wines that you’ll also be offered in abundance are also delicious!

Recently, Valbona has also become huge attraction during the winter months. Many tourists head to Valbona to get involved with winter sports such as skiing, or to simply admire Valbona’s snow-covered beauty. Fortunately, special tours of the entire region include the mountainous village of Theth, as well. This way, you can visit two of not only the region’s, but indeed Albania’s most sought-after destinations within one adventurous trip!


Two roads take you to this wonderful haven located within the Tropoja district. Though they are both beautiful, the route via ferry, which traverses Lake Koman, is particularly breathtaking. Here, you glide across clear turquoise waters among dazzling rock formations – all before you even reach your final destination of Valbona!

By ferry via Koman Lake: Tiranë-Koman (2-hour ferry ride) –Fierzë–Bajram Curri–Valbonë

By car via Kosovo (approx. 5 hours): Tiranë–Kukës–Prizren–Gjakovë–Bajram Curri–Valbonë

By public transportation via Kosovo (approx. 5 hours): Tiranë–Bajram Curri

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