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Velipoja Beach

A Rugged Oasis in the Adriatic

Famous for its pristine curative sand, warm breeze and its singularly picturesque panorama that interweaves the sea, sand, river, cliffs, forest, lagoon and rolling hills, Velipoja Beach is a breath of fresh air and a sight for sore eyes.

The entire beach stretches for an impressive 14 kilometers, from Buna River’s estuary to the famous beach called Rana e Hedhun (in English, “thrown sand”), near Shëngjin. What attracts people to this beach more and more is not only its spectacular emerald sea and the freshest air around, but its iodine-rich sand. Boasting several healing properties, the sand truly rivals the sea at offering an unparalleled immersion into health and vitality.

Velipoja Beach, Shkodër. Photo by Terenc Pepa.

About that sand

It is very difficult to find sand of this quality and color anywhere. The explanation behind its rich darker tone is the high content of iodine, an unusual concentration of the ultra-healing element. The reason that Velipoja Beach has been preserved so well and remains farily untouched is that most of the Velipoja coast was a wild area before the 1990s. It was kept as a military area from the Communist regime. Coincidentally, this is what helped the coast retain its unparalleled rugged beauty to this day.

Velipoja Beach, Shkodër. Photo from ADMZ Shkodër.

The village and the tropical oasis

The picturesque village of the same name is located about a 30-minute-drive from Shkodra. Surrounded by a bucolic landscape, this entire area is well-known for its rich tradition and history, skilled farmers and fishermen, and some of the most welcoming hosts in the entire country.

Velipoja. Photo from ADMZ Shkodër.

Velipoja is included in a protected area called the Protected Water-Land Landscape. In this gorgeous area, you will also find the nature reserve, another of the many attractions to Velipoja. The Buna estuary especially creates a rich and luscious vegetation around this beach, lending it its own particular brand of beauty and plenty of wonderful shade from the tall trees. So green and refreshing, this is definitely no normal beach! A perfectly green oasis that offers invigorating sensations, Velipoja is ideal not only for beach buffs but avid hikers, as well.

Surveillance of the protected area in Velipoja. Photo from ADMZ Shkodër. 

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