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Vjosa-Narta Lagoon: Tranquility, birdwatching and winemaking

This coastal lagoon ecosystem, a thriving and tranquil oasis for the nesting of a variety of birds and the visitor’s peace of mind, has swiftly become a top attraction for all nature lovers.  

Its official name is Vjosa-Narta-Pishë Poro-Narta Lagoon but it is most popularly known as simply Narta. Located north of Vlora, this famous lagoon enjoys the status of a protected area and is famous, on a global scale, for its rich biodiversity. It is one of the largest and most important coastal wetlands in Albania and, not to mention, one of the most spectacular. The lagoon, the untouched forest, the pristine beach with no traces of construction, the traditions, but also the locally produced wine of the village are factors that, naturally, have attracted the attention of everyone who has had the chance to visit.

Narta Lagoon. Photo by PPNEA

Narta Lagoon. Photo by PPNEA 

Birdwatching and winemaking

Its unique beauty consists in its rich marine life, diversity of plant species, sand dunes and the delta of Vjosa River. The wetland of  Vjosa-Narta is of great importance for migratory bird species which find shelter in the area. In terms of its national importance, Narta is one of the most important areas in Albania for waterfowl, second only to Karavasta Lagoon. Another great attraction to the Narta Village and its surroundings is the famous vineyards. Visitors enjoy its tradition of viticulture and the production of some of the best wines in the country.

Birds in Narta Lagoon. Photo by PPNEA

Birds in Narta Lagoon. Photo by PPNEA

Birds in Narta Lagoon. Photo by PPNEA

Spectacular outdoors

Narta Lagoon’s natural and cultural resources create the possibility for great ecotourism opportunities, such as hiking (Kallënga and the Pine-Poros Managed Reserve), birdwatching in the Narta lagoon and in Kriporet, cultural tourism in the historic areas of Zvërnec and Treport. Furthermore, the Vjosa estuary is one of the most beautiful places of the northern part of the Vjosa-Narta Protected Landscape. The wide beach and density of fish make it an ideal place to set up a tent, fish, await the magical sunset, and spend the night right in the heart of nature.

View of Zvërnec, Vlora. Photo Courtesy of Nik Milori

View of Zvërnec from the air, Vlora. Photo Courtesy of Altin Serani.

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