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Restaurants around Lezha : Find the Best!

This city’s swift rise in popularity is mainly due its wonderful gastronomical tradition, reintroduced in the recent years in the most modern way possible. When you enter Lezhë, know that you are entering the current gastronomical mecca of Albania!  Read now to find the best restaurants around Lezha!

1. Fishtë – Mrizi i Zanave

Located near Lezhë, this farm-to-table restaurant and vineyard has slowly become quite the legend among food enthusiasts and for good reason. Hailed as one of the most innovative, organic, authentically Albanian restaurants, this place has is packed on a daily basis so you have to make sure and make reservations. Do not skip on any of the dishes suggested by the waiters, they are not trying to sell you more but simply trying to make you realize how amazingly delicious this food is! The appetizers are to die for: fresh cheeses, fresh pomegranate juice, locally made jams and more. The meats, the best you may have ever had. The roasted kid and lamb cooked in milk are some of the equally traditional and exotic delicacies to choose from. You can also spend the night in one of their beautiful rooms so you can turn dinner into a relaxing food and wine tour!

Mrizi i Zanave. Photo source: IntoAlbania.


Address: “Lezhë – Vau i Dejës” road, Fishtë.  For directions click here.
Phone: +355 69 210 8032

2. Rapsodia

Undoubtedly one of the most notable names in Albanian cuisine, this restaurant owes its fame to his masterful chef Alfred Marku. His spectacular dishes, served in Master Chef-style courses, make people come to this restaurant from all corners of the country. Make a reservation!

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For directions, click here.
Phone: +35568947771

3. Trëndafili Mistik (The Mystic Rose)

The restaurant is located in the strategic point of the natural reserve Kunë-Vain-Talë, where the lagoons offer breathtaking views of the marshes and the dishes reflect the beauty of the land. The dishes are as delicious as they are particular! For directions, click here.

Restaurants around Lezha

4. Peshkatari (The Fisher’s Restaurant)

This restaurant is surrounded by the water of the Kunë – Vain – Talë Lagoon and, along with its fresh fish menu, it offers some magnificent, truly unique views. It is located in the area called the Island of Shëngjin. For directions, click here.

Restaurants around Lezha

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5. Detari

Voted the best restaurant in the area of Shëngjin, this restaurant will surprise you with its superb grilled fish and octopus. For directions, click here.

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6. The Lagoon of Patok Restaurants

The Lagoon of Patok is located near Lezhë, and here you can find several well-known, unique restaurants, as well. Constructed in small cabins hovering over the water, these places serves the freshest fish in the area. For directions, click here.

Restaurants around Lezha