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Windows, Bridges and Rugged Outdoors

Why you should visit Berat

It is the distinctive traditional architecture of this so-called “City of 1000 windows” that has placed Berat in UNESCO’s list of world Heritage Sites. Beautifully split by the Osum River into two historic neighborhoods, the city is joined by the grandiose bridge of Gorica. The characteristic windows of the traditional houses mirror one another beautifully from across the river. Flanked on both sides by Tomorr and Shpirag, two of the most mythical mountains in Albania, Berat is also a nature lover’s paradise. Mountain climbing, cycling, hiking, rafting and kayaking are only some of the preferred outdoor activities around this city. The medieval Castle of Berat houses old churches, museums and iconography by the greatest Albanian artists as well as old bazaars, cafes, and a surprisingly vibrant local life.


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