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Where History, Lakes and Football Meet

Why you should visit Elbasan

A Roman emperor, a Sultan, fascists and communists have all made their specific contributions to the construction of this ancient city throughout the centuries. As such, the Castle of Elbasan and the subsequent new city below, combine distinct and perhaps incompatible styles and influences, something that gives Elbasan a truly unique stature. A proud city full of warm people, Elbasan hosts the largest Summer Day’s festivities in the country, a day where its culinary specialty, the sweet and rich ballokume, is consumed by all! Elbasan becomes especially wild and festive when football matches gathers sports’ fans from all over the country to the new Elbasan Arena. Surrounding this city, there are hundreds of beautiful lakes where locals escape to fish, have massive picnics and relax. Belsh, for instance, with its newly constructed town center, promenade and beautiful lake, has recently become quite the popular destination.


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