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Why you should visit Korça

Korça is Albania’s sweetheart! Everything about this town is romantic, from its traditional Albanian serenades to its beautiful winter snow. Its traditional villas, cobble-stone streets glistening under the sun, the fresh mountain air, and hospitality, all combine to create an unparalleled warm and festive atmosphere all year round. Locals and visitors reserve their utmost loyalty when it comes to Korça, returning often to this postcard of a town. Once called “the little Paris,” Korça is one of the centers of Albanian arts and history, hosting some of the most fascinating museums in the country. The recently renovated Old Bazaar, a spice and food market surrounded by villas is teeming with people, energy and a casual nightlife scene. Korça’s famous culinary specialties, like lakror and kërnacka,  and the surrounding mountainous villages, like Voskopoja and Boboshtica, are some of Albania’s most popular destinations.


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