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The Heart of Albanian Gastronomy and Wild Wetlands

Why you should visit Lezha

The country’s most beautiful lagoons, those of Kune-Vain and Patok, and some of the most exclusive, rugged beaches surround the ancient city of Lezha. Enveloped by this exotic environment rests the newest heart of Albanian gastronomical tradition. With several world-famous farm-to-table and fine dining restaurants serving the most updated traditional cuisine in the country, Lezha’s popularity has seen an upturn in the last decade! Once upon a time, Lezha attracted many visitors to its numerous monuments of great historical and architectural value in Albania, such as the Skanderbeg Memorial, an impressive Greek-inspired structure supported by marble pillars, and the Castle of Lezha, the crown jewel of the city. These days, its truly inimitable food culture, calm landscapes and untouched nature are great draws to this ancient city.


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