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Darëzeza Beach: A Local’s Absolute Favorite

It may be because of its curative fine-grained black sand or pristine sea that Darëzeza Beach is seeing more people choosing its shores. It may also be for dozens of other reasons! Below, discover the beach filled with treats for lovers of water sports, forests, antiquity and more.

We are the first ones to admit that there is something special about that moment when a beach is favored by the locals but has not quite become a household name just yet. The popular sandy beach called Darëzeza, located in Fier, boasts a long coast of 15 kilometers along the Adriatic. This creates ample space for vacationers to enjoy their intimacy while not being entirely alone. It is a wonder this has not been in everybody’s list until now!

What’s special about Darëzeza?

Darëzeza’s dark sand is chockful of iodine and has healing properties, something very significant that makes it a favorite among the locals. Actually, the dark shade is referenced in the name, as “zeza” in Albanian means “black.” Another thing to keep in mind as you consider your visit to this beach is that the Adriatic is exceptionally clean here, as well, which is not always the case. Last but not least, the ancient forests surrounding the beach are another great attraction, as they lend the air a certain crisp quality not easily found elsewhere.


Due to the big waves that characterize this part of the Adriatic, Darëzeza is often the chosen destination among water sport lovers. Kitesurfing in particular is a sport that has really taken off in these shores with more and more people participating in it each year. Slightly windier than nearby beaches and with a long shoreline, Darëzeza is worth trying if you are into water sports!

Hiking and exploring

Hiking around the surrounding forest is one of the favorite outdoor activities among the locals. Many forego a day at the beach to explore the ancient forest of Darëzeza. The fresh air is something which adds to the overall healthy atmosphere and healing properties of this beach. All in all, it is quite the healthy retreat for a few days!

Vicinity to antiquity

For lovers of history and especially antiquity, it may be worth noting that Darëzeza is located fairly close to the ancient city of Apollonia. The Archaeological Park of Apollonia, built in the 6th century B.C., is one of the most important historical sites in the country. The city was so important during the Roman Empire that it was chosen from over twenty other Mediterranean cities to receive the glorious name of Apollo, the god of music and poetry. Add it to your weekend plans!

Darëzeza Beach, photo by www.facebook.com/klosiblend

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