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Discover the Natural Beauty around Elbasan

The natural beauty of the Albanian landscape is eternally surprising, something that becomes very clear especially if you find yourself around Elbasan. From one of the many lakes to the amazing canyons, the only difficulty lies in choosing where to spend the weekend.

The wonderful lakes of Dumrea

Like a crown full of precious jewels, the area of Dumrea and its eighty-six lakes of various sizes, awes every passerby who aims at knowing it better. 160 meters above sea level and located in the district of Elbasan, the karstic lakes are recognized for their unique features and the beautifully harmonious landscapes created by their co-existence. Some of the biggest lakes that you can enjoy are: The Dega Lake, The Lakes of Çestije and Merhoje, The Lakes of Seferan and Belsh.

Seferan lake in Belsh

For more information about the lakes and direction read our extended article here.

The Black Lake

This is yet another lake worth visiting if you choose to take the road towards Gramsh. Its beautiful elongated shape that extends to about 1000-1200 m in length and its shade of profound blue, make the Black Lake one of those places which makes time simply fly by. Located in an altitude of 1634 m, the panoramas of the unspoiled nature and the centuries-old trees surrounding the lake make this the ideal destination for the poetic, free spirit. A mere 4 km southeast of the village of Lenie, this area becomes more populated in the month of August, where hundreds of people visit the lake at its source, as these waters are thought to have healing properties. Though these curative powers are not scientifically confirmed, many people who suffer from rheumatism take regular dips in these waters and specifically credit this place for their health improvement.

The Black Lake

The Black Lake, Elbasan, Source:

How to get there: Gramsh – the Village of Lenie – Biaj – the Black Lake

Holta’s Canyon

Near Gramsh, you will run into one of the best kept secrets of the area. Holta’s Canyon was created by the erosion of the river Holta. It extends 3 kilometers from the village of Bardhaj to Kabash, with surrounding valley slopes of 100-150 meters and with crystalline waters of depths of around 3 meters. Karst caves created by limestone rocks, stalactites and stalagmites of rare beauty can be found there. Silence and echoes, lush greenery hanging from the slopes above you and beautiful blue waters caressing your feet and creating small waterfalls along the way. A bit further, thermal waters where you can relax for a moment of your journey. The best time to visit is from spring to the beginning of fall, as during periods of heavy rain the river’s water levels rise, making it quite difficult to hike to the end of the canyon.

Holta’s Canyon

Holta’s Canyon, Elbasan, photo by Intoalbania

You can easily get there by following the direction Gramsh – Holtë.
For more information about this site read our extended article here.

Sotira Waterfall

Waters flowing from Mount Tomorr into rugged limestone cliffs create the Sotira Waterfall, one of nature’s spectacles that attracts an increasing number of tourists year after year. Its waters fall from various heights of 20-100 meters, hitting the cliffs below at different speeds and creating an unforgettable, hypnotic scene that should not be missed!

The trip is fairly simple, following the Gramsh–Sotira Village–Waterfall itinerary. As you exit the town of Gramsh, you will follow the blue road signs showing the direction of the Sotira Waterfall. Once you arrive in the Sotira village, get ready to hike along the only road that is visible. If you have a 4X4, you may choose to use drive there but, otherwise, park your car in the village, grab something to eat or drink at the small village diner/shop, and begin your hike. We would suggest bringing some food along for the hike so that you can enjoy an idyllic picnic with a spectacular view in the meadow by the waterfall. For more information about this site read our article here.

Sotira Waterfall, Elbasan, photo by Intoalbania

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