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Favorite 10: Loving Tirana with Iva Tiço

One of the most popular Albanian journalists and author of a recently published autobiographical book, Iva Tiço shares her taste for routine, relaxation and a uniquely casual enjoyment of life in her favorite city and home of Tirana. 


Three spoons of coffee, no sugar, on my couch. On occasion, to replete the body’s sugar levels, a crunchy at Café Mon Cheri. 


Skanderbeg Square, next to my place. For walking my dog, Adrion Bookstore, the new coffee places and restaurants at the Palace of Culture, the carousel and garden on summer nights.

Random Place

Tirana Castle, where my feet take me on their own.

The Castle of Tirana, photo by IntoAlbania

Go-To Lunch Restaurant

People Bar in Blloku: cheap, tasty and comfy – like home. 

People Bar, Tirana. Source: facebook.com/pg/peoplebartirana

Dish in a Local Restaurant

Tani‘s stuffed mushrooms and lamb chops at Estia.

Happy Hour Drink and Place

I still cannot find one like in Italy. But, there’s a small place in Blloku called Gintoneria Cocktail & Bar with a nice gin and great selection of cold cuts and cheeses.

Gintoneria Cockatial&Bar. Source: facebook.com/pg/gintoneriacocktailbar

Guilty Pleasure

I like routine. Even when I travel, when I do things that are out of the ordinary in far-off places, I can’t wait to come back to Tirana, to my wonderful routine, my home and my things.

Culture Spot

Adrion Bookstore. I don’t particularly like ArTurbina and cannot wait for the opening of the new theater and re-opening of the Opera. I like small bookstore-cafes and movie theaters, where I don’t miss almost any shows.

Go-To Dinner Restaurants

Tribe. It unfortunately reminds me of the fact that I cannot become a vegetarian despite my great love of animals.

Tribe, source: tribe


My couch, books and TV are their biggest competitor, but quiet restaurants that allow me talk to my friends, as well. Those few times that I go out, I go where Aurela Gaçe (famous Albanian singer) performs live: Venue Club.

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