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Four Villages to Visit in the Fall

Now is the time to follow nature’s spectacle of changing colors in the four particularly picturesque villages below.


The northernmost place in Albania, Vermosh is located near the Montenegrin border. The beautiful village is becoming an increasingly popular touristic destination, preferred by locals and internationals alike. Located in one of the valleys of the Accursed Mountains, the village offers a respite from city life with its fresh air, greenery and the panoramas of Cemi River. Famous for hiking and horseback riding, the village is the ideal getaway for the pre-winter season.   

Cem River, photo by Afrim Tahiraj


The fall is the perfect season to visit the famously picturesque northern village. The temperatures are moderate and the mountain village located in a valley, surrounded by high peaks, is a must-see in the fall before winter renders traveling there much more difficult. Mountain views, the quaint catholic church in the middle of the village, and the Teth Waterfall are only some of the attractions of this otherworldly oasis which, with its lush landscape, warm, welcoming locals and peaceful vibes, seems to belong to a different time.  


On the way to Pogradec, the visitor will notice the beautiful red roofs, emblematic of the picturesque village. Lin is located on the shores of Lake Ohrid, once called “Lake of Light” because the light of both the sun and the moon wholly illuminate its surface year-round. For visitors who already miss beach season, the calming body of water will restore and prepare them for the rest of the year ahead. Its considerable beauty, however, is not just natural: one of the oldest mosaics in the eastern European region, dating back to the 4th century, is found here.  


Located only 3 km near Përmet, the city of roses, the magical village of Bënja offers many reasons for visiting it. In addition to its famous thermal pools, rich in sulfuric water and countless health benefits, Bënja’s beautiful little houses, the Katiu bridge standing over Langarica River and the canyons of the same name, and the 18thcentury orthodox church represent only some of the village’s attractions, the beauty of which is heightened by the golden glow of the fall season.  

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