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Kayaking in Lezha: Summer 2020 Trend

Known for its nostalgic beaches along the Adriatic and the best restaurants in the entire country, Lezha has recently become the “it” kayaking destination for the summer.

Forget the Riviera for a moment. Actually, forget the beach altogether. Drin River is all the rage right now. The long river crosses through the city of Lezha, continues on to the gorgeous Kune-Vain Lagoon and finally flows into the Adriatic. As such, a ride on this river grants a special experience, combining the urban with the natural in the most unique of ways.

Kayaking in groups and dragon boats are two of the most popular ways of enjoying a ride on the river. However, due to its characteristic calm flow, the river accommodates your preferred method of gliding through it. It is ideal for many water sports, whether you are a kayaking enthusiast, or prefer regular boats, canoes, or dragon boats.

The good news is you don’t have to own a kayak and might not even have to rent one to enjoy this activity. The Directorate of Sports in the Municipality of Lezha supports all water sports enthusiasts by offering its kayaks and dragon boat for recreational or professional use. There’s more good news, especially for those of you who are hesitant to try this out. Several kayaking instructors are always available to show you the ropes and give you some expert tips.

This particular experience is perfect for beginners, not only because of the available equipment and instructors but also because the distance is completely doable by even the most amateur kayakers. At about 2.5 km in total, kayaking across this river is as easy as it gets. The icing on the cake of this outdoor adventure are the riverside restaurants of the Vain area. As with most restaurants in Lezha, a city of great culinary fame, they serve delicious fresh seafood and are definitely worth a visit.

Don’t forget that the area around Lezha is an internationally-famous birdwatching destination so, with some luck, you may spot plenty of rare birds while there.   

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