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Mount Munella: The Northern Shelter of the Balkan Lynx

Munella Mountain, located in the Puka-Mirdita region, is known as the only refuge of the most critically endangered species, the beautiful Balkan lynx.

The natural habitat of the magnificent animal is a gorgeous place for nature lovers. In fact, the Balkan lynx depends on regular visits from hikers and explorers in order to continue safely living in its home.

The endangered Balkan lynx

Sadly, only ten individual members of the Balkan lynx family are currently living in Albania, according to the Protection and Preservation of the Natural Environment in Albania. The association emphasizes that “in special places like Mount Munella, the harmony between humans and nature must be maintained at all costs to ensure the protection of endangered species like the Balkan lynx.” 

Mount Munella for hikers and nature lovers

The Munella mountainous forests are some of the highest in the country with a stunning landscape of steep slopes and valleys covered in refreshing flora. The landscape of this highly protected area is very much rugged and untouched, despite constant human intervention.

The Protection and Preservation of the Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA) underlines that this area possesses extraordinary potential which can be enjoyed and maximized through sustainable tourism. This type of tourism fulfills the local communities’ need for development while protecting, at the same time, the area’s nature and biodiversity. It is only through  agritourism and ecotourism that this area can continue to be a home to the Balkan lynx. 

For the purpose of encouraging a tourism model which works with nature rather than against it, PPNEA suggests visits to Mount Munella, an ideal place for hikes as well as for the enjoyment of local products like cheese, milk, butter or forest fruit.

Mount Munella, Puka, Photo by Discover Puma