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OriginAL Product – Albanian Mountain Tea

OriginAL Product

Albanian mountain tea is obtained from the leaves of the plant of a Sideritis variety. The herbal tea that grows in the mountainous regions of Albania has been consumed for centuries thanks to its health values. In the Mediterranean countries, the tea is usually made from the wet plant whereas in Albania most people mostly use it in its dry form.

Preparing mountain tea requires the use of whole stalks with leaves and flowers. You can put them in boiling water slowly lowering the temperature, allowing the juice to boil for five to ten minutes or otherwise, simply add boiled water to the stalks and infuse for ten to twelve minutes. The taste of this tea is earthy but if you use the flowers, you will also be able to get an aromatherapy session out of this tea experience. Add honey, milk or lemon to the tea as desired.

Peter Furth, an American herbalist expert says that Albanian mountain tea is a distinctive feature of Albania thanks to the particular microclimate that the country has, creating a  plant of a unique and superior quality.

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OriginAL Producer

The tea is produced by Illyrian Pantheon, a brainchild of Subashi Company that has been known for producing high-quality olive oil in Marikaj, Albania for more than a decade.

The origin of Ilyrian Pantheon mountain tea is the mountains of Korçë region.

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