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Picturesque Villages around Pogradec

Pogradec is the quintessential nostalgic city! This particular sensation arises as you cruise down the national road and an image of utter calm and timeless beauty unfolds before you. The smooth, creamy blue surface of Lake Ohrid, punctuated by lively swans and seagulls! This is the lake of a certain delicious fish called koran, found only in these waters. The surrounding villages of Pogradec are just as picturesque and nowadays fully equipped to welcome visitors. During the sweltering heat of the summer season, this area is where you will find the coolest breeze and fresh air. Below are the top touristic villages of the area!


The village appears below, as you drive down the national road that leads to Pogradec. This small peninsula softly joins the shores of Lake Ohrid. It was once called “Lake of Light” perhaps because the light of both the sun and the moon wholly illuminate its surface year-round. Indeed, this lake’s reflections are legendary! Hundreds of locals reside in this small but beautiful peninsula. As you descend the road to get there, you will notice the beautiful red roofs of its characteristic small homes. One of the oldest mosaics in the eastern European region, dating back to the 4 th century, is found here. Its intricate designs and beauty are only matched by the surrounding landscape!

View of Lin in Pogradec, Photo Courtesy by Nikol Likja


A truly traditional village of the area! Soft water streams flow throughout the village and into the lake, rocking boats on its surface, lush gardens surrounded by weeping willows. This is only part of the imagery that makes Drilon one of the most attractive touristic destinations. Its flora and fauna are among the most diverse in the country, as well. For good reason, the communist dictator Enver Hoxha, chose this refreshing and relaxing environment as one of his vacation spots!

Springs of Drilon, Pogradec, photo by Intoalbania


Immediately following Drilon, comes Tushemisht. Only a few kilometers away from Macedonia, this village welcomes many local and international tourists throughout the year. With many guesthouses and delicious restaurants, this is as close to a resort as you can get without the isolation. On the contrary, its vast and beautiful landscape creates a sense of wellness in the visitor. The lake’s calming waters, which as the great Albanian author Dhimitër S. Shuteriqi aptly described are “the color of a pigeon’s neck,” are the perfect soundtrack to your visit. Small cobble-stone alleys take you around the small center as you take a short relaxing walk in the evening.

Tushemisht, Pogradec, Source:

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Branches of Via Egnatia, the ancient road connecting Rome to Constantinople, extend along the periphery of Pogradec. Around here, here you will find the Illyrian neighborhood of Selca, whose ancient tombs are an archeological treasure. Another fascinating sight is the Castle of Pogradec which, from the hill, affords some of the most beautiful panoramas of Pogradec all the way to Ohrid. Keep in mind that Pogradec is nearby Korça as well!