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Speed Taxi

SPEED TAXI “Five Stars” is the leading company which changed the concept of taxi service in Albania. Established in January 2012, SPEED TAXI set for the first time international standards of taxi service with very competitive prices. Offering 24-hour service 365 days a year, SPEED TAXI “Five Stars” cars can be found in more than 9 taxi stations in Tirana. If you need to quickly reach the destination and get a quality service, call 24 hours available telephone numbers, or reserve your trip online.

The company carries out daily checks of vehicles at the point of service to ensure the condition of the vehicle before any movement. The company ensures that the driver is equipped with means of identification, uniform, be in the right state of health and capable of driving with maximum responsibility by implementing 100% of the traffic rules.

Vehicle is monitored via GPS system in real time on the movement, location parameters of driving speed and the history of his movement by accompanying your colleagues or relatives journey step by step.

Headquarters: Rruga “Ibrahim Rrugova” ND: 58 H.2 AP.5 Tirane

Contact-1: +355 42 222 555

Contact-2: +355 69 64 22 211

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