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Thermal Baths of Albania: The Incredible Luxury of Nature

From north to south, Albania’s spectacular rugged landscape is perfectly punctuated by several natural thermal baths with astonishing healing properties. 

In the small country of Albania, there are an astounding four main thermal bath destinations. Thus, wherever you find yourself in the country, you have ample choice in terms of finding one near you. Locally referred to as llixha, Albania’s thermal baths are natural sources of health and healing, rich in minerals that relax both the body and nervous system. We recommend the following thermal bath destinations which also offer accommodation: Elbasan (the nearest one to the capital), Përmet and Leskovik in the south, and Dibra in the northernmost part of the country.

 1. Tragan (Elbasan)

The Latin saying “Mens sana in corpore sano,” comes to mind as you immerse yourself in the thermal waters of Elbasan. These baths are located only a few miles from Tirana, specifically in Tragan Village. These particular baths have existed since antiquity! They are extremely rich in sulfur and, as such, bathing in these waters is recommended only for short periods of time. Elbasan’s baths are created from the fusion of hydrogen, oxygen, and other elements more than 13,000 meters deep into the earth’s core, a mass that is pushed to the earth’s surface from the pressure of gases more than 100 years after its creation. It is no wonder that this amazing process cures various diseases, especially those of the respiratory tract, nervous system, skin, stomach, and rheumatism, among many others.

2. Bënja (Përmet)

Situated about a 20-minute-drive from Përmet, the thermal pools of Bënja are one of the many amazing attractors to the stunning region. Used for their outstanding healing properties, these baths have been popular for more than five centuries. Because of their sulfuric content, a 20-25 minute dip suffices to activate the curative properties of these natural pools. Any more can actually be harmful. The temperature of the water remains at a constant temperature of 30 degrees Celsius throughout the entire year. As such, you can visit the site all year round. These waters can help cure ailments such as rheumatism but also many skin and kidney diseases. It does not hurt that a dip in these pools comes with one of the most stunning landscapes in the country. 

3. Leskovik (Përmet)

The lesser-known springs of Leskovik are located 10 kilometers south of the small town. Otherwise known as the Vronomero springs, these thermal waters contain a plethora of minerals which aid in the treatment of numerous diseases. Their temperature varies from 29 to 40 degrees Celsius. The baths are considered a somewhat secret treasure of, not only Leskovik, but the entire country.

Leskovik Thermal Pools. Photo by: facebook Leskovik Albania

4. Peshkopi (Dibra)

Dibra is renowned for its numerous natural resources, one of which are these incredibly health-promoting thermal baths. Only one kilometer away from the city of Peshkopi, these baths spring from the gypsum formations of Korabi Mountain. Rich in sulfuric springs, the water reaches temperatures as high as 43 degrees Celsius and has been proven to help with various diseases, including respiratory problems, diabetes, rheumatism, skin and, amazingly, even fertility issues.

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