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Tirana on a Bicycle

Albania’s capital is made for pedaling! Fully equipped with bicycle lanes, Tirana’s surprises, cute alleys, and fascinating corners are now best discovered on two wheels.

An installation of a bicycle placed at the very entrance of Tirana’s largest bridge, the one marking the entrance to Blloku, stands as a symbol of the city’s love for the environmentally-friendly vehicle. And, the love is returned! Indeed, Tirana is the ideal city to experience on a bike, both in terms of its very human size and the surprises hiding around each corner. Now, with the bicycle-adapted infrastructure, Tirana offers an entirely new experience!

Easy breezy pedaling

In the past four years, bicycle-only lanes have been established in every area of the capital. Bicycle parking spots are available and easy to find anywhere, unlike car parking which presents a veritable logistic nightmare. A seemingly small detail which has great reverberations on one’s peace of mind, leisure time and finances.

Komiteti Bar, Urban Life

Bicycle parking near Café-Museum Komiteti, Tirana. Photo by IntoAlbania.

Where to spontaneously find a bike


If you don’t have a bike, don’t fret! Ecovolis, the largest bike-renting company in the country, has several stations – one along the main boulevard, another behind the National Museum, and one next to the Taiwan complex. Once there, an official form of ID suffices and the bike will be yours for however long you need it! For a map of Ecovolis’ complete list of pick-up and drop-off points, click here.

Ecovolis bicycles in Tirana. Source: facebook.com/ecovolis


Another great option is the Mobike App, which can be downloaded on your phone. Very easy to use, once registered, funds can be charged and deposited directly on your online account. As you stroll around the city, the app’s map will show you the location of the nearest bike, adding even more spontaneity to your day. Reserve it and off you go!

Mobike bicycles in Tirana. Source: albaniannews.it

Two additional bike-renting options are Evergreen, for standard bicycles, and CycleAlbania for more professional, heavy-duty, high-quality bicycles designed for longer trips.

Around the city in 60 minutes 

One hour suffices for a bike ride around the inner and outer perimeter of the city. While riding comfortably in the bike-only lanes, you can enjoy the spectacle of the multihued buildings, the many touristic spots, such as the University of Tirana, National Historic Museum, the Pyramid, the Palace of Culture, the Zogu i Zi area, and many many more. If one of them draws you in, you simply jump off the bike and go!

Some additional areas to visit are the city’s green spaces, the Grand Park of Tirana being the main one. Other bike-friendly areas are the recently renovated New Bazaar, the Kavaja and Durrës Streets, the street known as the street of Embassies, Skanderbeg square, the main Boulevard, the Zhan D’Ark Boulevard and the Old Tanners’ Bridge.

Some gorgeous areas surrounding the city, ideal for sightseeing on a bicycle, are the area around Dajti Mountain, Petrela Castle or the Preza hills. While they will obviously take longer to reach, we strongly suggest these spots located in Tirana’s outskirts. They are both naturally beautiful and culturally enriching! For more inter-city bike routes, click here.

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