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Top 7 Quiet Beaches in Albania

The quieter beaches of Albania often get less of the limelight but they are where we find the tranquility and intimacy we crave without sacrificing any beauty or fun.

We understand that many of you would like some peace and quiet this summer. That’s why IntoAlbania has traveled from the north of the country to the south to bring you the most tranquil spots along the coast. The beaches below are where you go to hear the serene sounds of the sea waves.


Funnily enough the name of this beach sounds like “calm.” We suggest that you skip the more popular Durrës beaches and head to Kallm for a more calming experience. Those who love going to Kallm would never want their precious spot revealed in these types of lists. Yet, this list could only start with Kallm! Visit this beautiful rugged spot to get away from any city vibes.

Kallmi Beach, photo Web Library

General’s Beach (Plazhi i Gjeneralit)

As you drive down the road toward General’s Beach, you come to understand the legend of the Italian general who discovered this remote bay during the war and immediately fell in love with it. The pristine panorama will get you, too! Even though the beach has lately gained some popularity among locals, at heart, it remains an isolated bay where you could spend your most peaceful summer days.

Plazhi i Gjeneralit. Photo by IntoAlbania


Part of the Divjaka-Karavasta National Park and surrounded by countless pines that render the air particularly invigorating, Divjaka Beach has been quietly popular for a while. Its extended shoreline makes it so that people scatter liberally around the beach, eliminating any crowding. Throughout the years, Divjaka has enjoyed a certain level of sustainable tourism which explains all the great services you can find here. Yet, it remains one of the best meetings with nature you can find in the entire country.

Divjaka, photo by IntoAlbania


One of the indisputable highlights of Vlora’s coastline, Zvërnec is quite special. The Moon Bay (Gjiri i Hënës) with its white pristine sand is particularly beautiful. Because of its peaceful atmosphere and glorious forest of refreshing pines, Zvërnec is a favorite among families. If you would like to visit, we recommend an excursion in the island and a visit to the St. Mary Monastery. One very important thing to keep in mind is that underwater currents make some areas unsafe for swimming.

Zvërneci Beach. Photo by Web Library.


Holding on to that perfect balance between silence and noise, Livadh is one of the Riviera’s last relatively quiet beaches. If you stop along the beginning of the coastline, some reggae sounds might reach you. But, they remain quite tasteful and are never offensively loud. For more peace and quiet, turn toward the left side of the beach. As you drive, the presence of others diminishes. The upside to having a few other vacationers is that you will find pretty nice services here.

Livadhi beach, photo by IntoAlbania

Porto Palermo

The former army base has become increasingly explored lately. And, while there are plenty of people who are curious about Porto Palermo, you will never find this beach too crowded. It is sort of miraculous. A visit to this beach is a double journey back in time. On the one hand you have abandoned structures from the Communist period. On the other, you have the ancient beauty of a relatively untouched Ionian.

Porto Palermo, photo by IntoAlbania.

Bunec and Lukova

The least talked about beaches of the Riviera, Bunec and Lukova are located near one another and are both permanently quiet and intimate. With a very limited number of guesthouses and inns, the presence of very few people is a certainty. Here, it’s you, the locals, and the relaxing sound of the waves.

Lukova, photo by IntoAlbania

By: IntoAlbania


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