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Urban Dining in Tirana: Top Restaurants

Albania is the devil for the food lover. And, as we all know, the devil is difficult to resist. In and of itself, Albanian food combines some of the tastiest elements from the cuisine of neighboring countries such as Italy, Greece, and Turkey. So, while you enjoy delicious Albanian food, know that you are simultaneously experiencing parts of the Adriatic, Mediterranean, Aegean, and Ionian!

Having said that, especially its capital of Tirana, offers a variety of exotic tastes from the entire world, in addition to its more traditional fare. The list below represents an extra-careful, rigorous selection of the top international restaurants in Tirana. We have visited, tasted, and eliminated all the overpriced spots and included all those local well-kept secrets. This is no standard menu. Enjoy!


The new place in town, Estia is enjoying praise high and low for its beautifully remodeled villa setting and the delicious Mediterranean food. This is one of the most intimate places in town with one of the most renowned chefs in the country. Expect creative and fresh meat and seafood dishes that are always changing.

Phone: +355 69 204 9133
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The current luxurious spot in town, Umami is the most modern restaurant in Tirana. Service and recommendations are top notch, wine selection impeccable. This may be fulfill another one of those Master Chef fantasies you have been keeping in your drawer, as we say in Albania.

Phone: +355 69 694 5555
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A restaurant-bar, Salt offers Mediterranean cuisine with some great Asian flavors mixed in. In addition to their amazing selection of wine, beer, and cocktails, this place has the best Sweet’n’Sour Seafood Tempura plate in the entire city and serves delicious sushi, as well. Beautifully designed in an old city villa, once you have finished dinner, you may climb upstairs to the rooftop terrace garden to sip on something delicious and relax.

Website: salt.al
Phone: +355 69 400 0013
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The Home

Of all the restaurants in this list, this one may be perhaps the best-kept secret in town. The one in the know, know of the delicious dishes served here, from pizzas to fresh grilled meats and sumptuous desserts. Under the guise of tradition, this place is truly experimental. A big surprise with this one is that they serve the best tempura shrimp taco (as well as one with snails) you may get in the entire country. Enjoy the romantically lit veranda in a place that is suited to couples, families, and groups of friends alike. It is, indeed, everybody’s home.

Website: thehome.al
Phone: +355 68 207 1989
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Located off the center of town, near The Home, you will find more Italians than Albanians in this restaurant. Once you try the pasta aglio e olio here, you will understand why! It is in these simple Italian staples that the true quality of this restaurant reveals itself. The intimate, nicely decorated place with a cozy outdoor patio also serves a nice selection of expertly made desserts. A well-kept secret!

Phone: +355 67 608 8808
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In Albanian, this restaurant’s name translates to “bee hive.” Indeed, the newest restaurant in town is already attracting customers with its tapas-style tasty dishes and festive décor. It’s a perfect place to socialize while eating and drinking. Located in one of the bustling areas of town, after dinner, you can either continue your night here or simply walk to one of the popular pubs in town!

Phone: +355 69 206 0099
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A restaurant within a concept store and art space, this place (in Albanian slang, its name roughly translates to “I want you here”) serves some of the best and healthy concoctions in town. A variety of balanced meals are served as bowls full of yummy ingredients. We recommend you try the Salmon Teriyaki Bowl or the Italian Bowl, though there is something here for every taste and preference! You will love this nicely decorated oasis in the midst of one of the busiest streets in town.

Phone: +355 67 227 0707
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Opium Sushi Bar

Located slightly off the main boulevard of Tirana, this restaurant has the best sushi variety in town. Next door to one of the main cinemas of Tirana and a few steps away from the promenade of the city, this is the ideal dinner, walk and a movie setting. Bonus: in the spring and summer, the restaurant moves to an old villa next door where you can enjoy your sushi and sake in a terrace overlooking gardens and the sun setting over the city. For equally delicious sushi and Japanese atmosphere, you may visit Yamato in the Blloku area, as well.

Phone: +355697028066
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A la Sante

A hidden gem, this restaurant in Blloku is slightly off the main bustle, offering an intimate space to enjoy a combination of French and Middle Eastern cuisine. The best meat cuts and shrimp tabouli salad in the city! The wines are delicious and, with the staff’s expert recommendations, you will have the tastiest and healthiest meal for a very reasonable price.

Website: alasante.al
Phone: +355 69 851 1112
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Since its opening in 2016, this restaurant has truly captivated the hearts of locals and tourists. Chef Alessandro Gianpietro brings the delicious Pugliese cuisine to Tirana in the most faithful way. The simple menu includes all the best specialties of the famous Italian gastronomical region. Don’t skimp on the appetizers or desserts, here!

Phone: +355 67 608 8808
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Website: http://www.inpuglia.al/.


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