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10 Events Not to Miss this March in Albania

Shkodra Carnival, March 2nd – 3rd, Shkodra

Consider spending this first weekend of the month in Shkodra, a city famous for its carnival tradition. Don’t forget that Venice Art Mask Factory, the largest factory of masks in the country, is located in this central northern city. As such, this is your chance to see those same intricate masks that are worn in San Marco Square in Venice, in the streets of Shkodra!

Inside “Venice Art Mask Factory” in Shkodra. Photo by IntoAlbania.

Ermal Meta and GnuQuartet, Palace of Congresses, March 4th, Tirana

The latest winner of the Sanremo Music Festival, Albanian singer Ermal Meta, will join the Italian quartet GnuQuartet in a concert held at the Palace of Congresses. Meta will adapt his songs to the sounds of the viola, flute, violin and cello for a completely new sound, unlike any he has shown before. Tirana is only one of a total of 23 stops for the performers on this tour. To purchase them online, click here, call +355 67 40 555 00, or e-mail info@myticket.al. The show starts at 8:15 PM.

Official poster of the event.

Gastro Alb ‘3 – National Gastronomy Competition, Palace of Congresses, March 7th-9th, Tirana

Organized annually by Albanian Chefs & Cooks Association, this is one of the most important gastronomic events in the country. The 3rd edition will include the three categories of kitchen, pizzeria and bar, participants from around the world and a select jury from WORLDCHEFS organization. To apply or for more information, call +355682020522 or e-mail info@chefs.al. The competition starts at 9 PM on March 7th and ends at 7 PM on March 9th.

Official poster of the event.

International Women’s Film Festival I, Millennium Cinema, March 8th– 11th, Tirana

Wherever you happen to be on this day, one thing is certain: you will be surrounded by a countless array of organized activities and events. While this day has been historically celebrated in Albania, lately it has also taken the shape of a movement, specifically of women and men against violence and gender inequality. In this context, UN Women, in cooperation with the National Cinematographic Center, are organizing the first edition of the “International Women’s Film Festival,” where the focus will be films on gender equality. A carefully compiled list of films will be shown, free of charge, at Millennium Cinema. The festival will last from March 8th to the 11th.

Official poster of the event.

Himara Carnival, March 8th, Himara

Don’t forget to reserve the second Friday of the month for an early trip to Himara. The carnivals will officially reawaken the beautiful coastal city, the beauty and atmosphere of which perfectly suit this event. There are so many scheduled activities that will make you forget that it is still too early to swim!

Official poster of the event.

The MetroSounds Music Festival, Metropolitan Theater, March 8th – 9th, Tirana

The MetroSounds Music Festival, launched in February, concludes in March with the Folkloric Ensemble of Tirana. Fans of traditional music will have the chance to hear traditional sounds in a very contemporary and cool venue, the popular cocktail bar Nouvelle Vague. The juxtaposition of setting and content make this event a must-see! The show starts at 8 PM. For info and reservations, please call +355 67 227 0668.

Official poster of the event.

Summer Day, March 14th

Though a very old pagan holiday, this is still one of the most celebrated days of the year in Albania. The city of Elbasan is the center of this spring welcoming feast, and the place where you will taste the most delicious ballokume, the traditional cookies that people share on this particular day. The main boulevard of Tirana sees major celebrations, as well, with performances and fun activities. Lately, Përmet has also been added to the list as one of the best places to be on Summer Day. Take your pick and enjoy!


Ballokume, the symbol of the Summer Festival in Elbasan, Source: pinterest.com.

Antigone, Experimental National Theater “Kujtim Spahivogli”, March 9th, 10th, & 14th, Tirana

The stage of the Experimental Theater will be set for Jean Anouilh’s adaptation of Sophocles’ tragedy. Inspired by the tragedy of World War II, Anouilh gave new nuance and meaning to the classic Greek tragedy Antigone. Under the direction of Andrea Brusque and art direction of Beqo Nanaj, some of the actors who will bring this play to life are Laura Nezha, Ervin Bejleri, Romir Zalla, Xhino Musollari, and Xhulia Musagalliu. The performance begins at 7 PM on all three days. For more information, call +355 69 571 7746.

Official poster of the event.

First Euro 2020 Qualifying Match, March 22nd, Shkodra 

No Albanian can forget the adrenaline of the 2016 UEFA European Football Championship, the national team’s performance in the preliminary matches and the thousands of Albanian fans flooding the stadiums of France for the championship matches. That time is here again with the beginning of the preliminary group matches this month. The first one, Albania-Turkey, will take place on March 22nd at 8:45 PM in Loro Boriçi Stadium in the city of Shkodra. For tickets, click here

Albanian National Team, photo by: fshf.org/national/kombetarja.

Photographic Exhibition: “Marubi Dynasty: 100 Years of the Albanian Photographic Studio,” curated by Kim Knoppers, Marubi Museum, Shkodra

Only opened a few days ago, this exhibit would be a perfect complement to your carnival celebrations. Along with witnessing Albania’s most important visual heritage, in Marubi’s photographic records, you will also have a chance to see how the carnival was celebrated throughout the last two centuries. Expertly curated by Kim Knoppers, this is your chance to have fun while immersing yourself in culture.



Marubi National Photography Museum, Shkodra, photo by IntoAlbania

By: IntoAlbania

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