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10 Trip Ideas: How to Enjoy Your Vacation While Keeping Social Distance

Vacationing has definitely changed this year so IntoAlbania pitches in to offer some inspiration for a fun and safe summer in the country.

All we can think about in the warm summer months is how to best spend them before they end. Some of us may have already planned our vacations while others are more tentative due to the pandemic. Knowing that we all need a push in the right direction, IntoAlbania has stepped in with some top suggestions for the best trips to take this summer. From day to in-city trips to the discovery of nature parks and the adrenaline of extreme sports, there is something for everyone. Read on and find the one that fulfills your summer fantasies.

1.Nature Parks

20 minutes spent in the outdoors, surrounded by the tranquility of a green landscape, suffices to take away the stress of your entire day. We suggest that you devote not only 20 minutes but the entire summer to the discovery of the gorgeous green areas in Albania. There are so many natural parks in Albania that even a whole summer may not suffice but you can start with Lura,Theth, Divjaka-Karavasta or Shebenik-Jablanica.

2.A luxury hotel in your city

If you would rather not travel, then we definitely suggest a getaway into the luxurious world of upscale hotels. Pick the one that you have always wondered about but have never had the occasion to visit. Book a room and take a stab at room service, relax in a long hot bath, order a cocktail and enjoy it on the bar or veranda, get a massage. Whatever your heart desires! Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

3.Many day trips

Sometimes it’s better to not commit to one specific location or plan of action and scatter your vacation in day trips throughout the summer. In Albania, this may even be the best thing to do. Because of the country’s small size, it takes only a few hours to get to most places. All you need to do is have a list of destinations, set you alarm, hop on your car or bike (or rent one) and go exploring.

4.A weekend in the farm

From north to south, the farm-guesthouses around the country are simply amazing. A short stay there can be so revitalizing! Because they are small, they offer a kind of intimacy that you can hardly find anywhere else. Always cozy and hospitable with delicious food and plenty of outdoor activities, these farm stays are becoming a must. Plus, the isolation from the city and immersion into nature are health boosters.

5.Boat trip

A boat may be a very safe place to be these days. You can take day-long kayaking trips but we also recommend renting a boat with a cabin for more exploring. That way, you can visit a large part of the beautiful and long Albanian coast. If you have enough vacation days, make it the entire coast.

6.Virgin beaches

We realize that in the summer, a visit to the coast is obligatory. We do, however, advise you to steer away from the most popular beaches along the coast and opt for the small, less populated bays. They are fairly easy to find but here is a list of select exclusive beaches for starters.

7.Long hikes in the mountains

If you are willing to sacrifice the sea, then you must be a mountain person. Indeed, there is perhaps no more ideal thing to do this summer than long hikes along mountain trails. Good for your mental well-being in addition to your lungs, long hikes are quite literally a breath of fresh air.


Even if done socially, fishing remains the ultimate solitary activity. The unique sport’s benefits are innumerable but suffice it to say that it is a great chance for meditation and time spent among fresh air and water. You also absorb some much needed vitamin D without the harmful effects of long sunbathing. Not to mention the benefits of eating fresh-caught fish!

9. A long road trip

Avoiding airports and flights is the best way to go these days. Roadtripping once was everyone’s favorite and for good reason! The road trip is the best reminder that life is a journey. Take food, games, pillows, books, drinks, plan your stops strategically and just really enjoy the journey.

10. Extreme sports

This one is for the brave only so social distance is automatically taken care of! While extreme sports are becoming increasingly popular these days, there’s still no fear of hundreds of people waiting in line to jump off Llogara Pass anytime soon. Perhaps the best way to battle the current situation is with an adrenaline-filled experience.