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17 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Hiking and Traveling in Albania

Not only are the accounts we have carefully selected wonderful guides for your travels around Albania, but exposure to some of the most gorgeous photography of the country.

Let’s jump right in, shall we? Below you will find the best accounts to follow for constant inspiration on places to go and things to do in the Albanian outdoors. Or, you may simply enjoy the ride virtually. The list is in no particular order so you you should really scroll all the way down to find your favorites!

Let’s go!


If you love seeing things from above but don’t get to do it as often as you’d like, this is the account for you. This climber loves heights and viewing the world from a bird’s eye view. If you love the water, there are plenty of beautiful diving shots scattered here and there on his feed, as well!

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Sheer un-stylized beauty! You get either grandiose panoramas or intricate detail, here, with no in-betweens. The view of a city under the moonlight or the wings of a butterfly, a boat floating across the lake or a gorgeous pelican. This feed will add joy to your day.

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Hauntingly beautiful photos that will definitely put you in the mood to travel. Even if not literally in space, then you will definitely take a trip down one of the most fascinating feeds of Albania on Instagram.

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You expect the feed of a regular outdoorsy guy and you are, almost shockingly, met with pure magic. Moonlit paths, sunlit peaks, the most beautiful foggy panoramas you have seen, and more. Ruggedly romantic!


Is this girl made of steel? Her last name “çeliku” means exactly that in Albanian, so there may be something to it. From rock climbing adventures to rugged bike rides and the discoveries of uncharted territories, this feed is pretty dang awesome.


Perhaps the most beloved Instagram accounts of the Albanian outdoors! Everyone knows him and that is because Fation Plaku, arguably one of the best independent tour guides in the country, shares beautiful experiences, not only great photos.


This “regular outdoor girl, with a bohemian soul” offers exactly that! Natural wilderness and rugged sceneries with a touch of the bohemian. From dips in thermal pools to the peaks of some of the most picturesque mountains around the country, this curious soulful girl can take you places and tell you all about them.


This is not the feed of a show-off but a person who truly enjoys being surrounded by nature and all it has to offer. The photos give off an unmistakable postivie energy, a sense of fulfillment and eagerness to calmly explore. If you want a shot of serenity on your feed, chek it out!

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We call this the chocolate box of feeds and not only because @erald.halili unapologetically goes for the square format! No, it is because each square holds a different flavor, unexpected and always exciting. The colorful feed takes high and low and everywhere in between!


Just like her name suggests (in Greek mythology, Artemisa was the goddess of the wilderness), this explorer of everything wild will inspire and surprise you. As you look at her feed, you will long to see exactly what the girl in the most enviable colorful backpacks sees!

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Once you visit this feed, you will wonder how you had no idea it existed! It’s an instant pop of color to your day. The experimenting with color is evident but stops short of being “too much.” To follow this feed is to be invigorated by starlit skies and sunlit valleys on a daily basis.

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The girl travels. A lot. So, here, you will get to see not only dreamy captures of Albanian but even get ideas of places to visit around the world. Her feed is awash in soft colors and powerful photos that will take you around the globe and back to the shores and peaks of Albania.

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From working the lavender fields to floating around in hot air balloons, relaxing on fields of blooming flowers to fierce rock climbing, the girl’s adventurous spirit will likely inspire you to follow her unexpected travels around the country.

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If you’re looking for an Albania that is slightly sprinkled in fairy dust, this feed will satisfy your need for some serious feelgood vibes. Misty, glittery, sheeny and positively dreamy, the captures here are from an observant dreamer.


This feed can literally turn your world upside down, so be prepared to go on a wild drone ride. If you’re used to seeing a place a certain way, you can be 100% sure this account will serve it in another. It’s a nice (and usually spectacular) wake-up call!

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A simple, yet gorgeous and romantic feed. It serves up the outdoors in a seemingly simple platter that is ultimately almost hypnotizing. The chronicles of travels and places visited are posted in sweet captures and pleasant colors that can leave you relaxed.


Once you visit his feed, you will remember his iconic stance, one of the quintessential rugged man of the outdoors. Yet, the photos offer an array of experiences, landscapes, people and animals that all combine to give you an idea of a person who enjoys life in its every form.

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