5 Must-See Destinations According to Adventure Travel Blogger Granit Temaj - Into Albania

5 Must-See Destinations According to Adventure Travel Blogger Granit Temaj

With its rise in fame as a frugal paradise over the last couple of decades, many of Albania’s best spots have already been discovered. In times when we need an update, and some new inspiration, we call on explorers and travel experts like Granit Temaj to tell us those rare beauties that we all may have overlooked in the meantime, the ones we should absolutely not miss out on!

The young explorer and outdoor enthusiast from Kosovo, Granit Temaj, began hiking in his free time back in 2015. He had no idea this simple pastime would, in five years’ time, become one of his greatest passions. He is especially passionate not only to hiking but to discovering new destinations and sharing them on his blog Alpventurer. Granit’s also hopes to inspire people to explore the outdoors and become more physical as well as promote local businesses and products in the regions he visits. Below, the passionate traveler reveals the top five destinations that, according to him, all outdoor lovers need to experience.

1. Jezerca Lake

The lake is located in the northern part of Albania, in a strikingly beautiful region of the country. The lakes found hidden along the Accursed Mountain range all afford spectacular panoramas but this is the one. Found at the foot of Mount Jezerca, Granit promises that this is a truly unforgettable spot.

Jezerca Lakes from above. Photo by Granit Temaj

A refreshing dip into the Jezerca Lake. Photo by Granit Temaj.

2. Grama Bay (Palasë)

The most difficult part about the Riviera is picking which of its many virgin bays is the most gorgeous. Snuggled between rocky cliffs, Grama Bay is not only an  awe-inspiring sight but a natural monument of history and culture as you will find in the ancient inscriptions found on the cliff sides. Not to mention that climbing down to the bay is one of the most amazing, magical short hikes!

Climbing down toward Grama Bay. Photo by Granit Temaj.

3. Vajusha Peak (Lëpushë)

Vajusha Peak is found on what is called the massif of cloves (Masivi i Karafilave). Perhaps the descriptive name gives an idea of the singular view you can expect to witness here. Once here, you will most certainly feel the epic echo of antiquity and beyond.

Vajusha Peak. Photo by Granit Temaj.

4. Shishtavec (Çajë)

This entire area of Shishtavec is an amazing outdoor destination year-round, whether it is snow-covered in the winter or blooming in the summer. In the summer, the fairy-tale-like Trail of Colors, specifically, is the most idyllic hike you can wish for. The name says it all. You will be speechless!

Hiking along the Trail of Colors. Photo by Granit Temaj.

5. Rosi Peak  

The Albanian Alps with their inimitable beauty and mythical panoramas have a way of inspiring us and become hostage to their magic. Along the Alps, Granit has isolated on specific spot: that of Rosis Peak. The inner 360 degree view of the Alps from this spot is unlike anything we have ever seen!

Surrounded by the Albanian Alps at Rosi Peak. Photo by Granit Temaj.

For more gorgeous, undiscovered destinations like these, please visit Granit’s blog Alpventurer.