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7 Popular Winter Villages in Albania

Famous for their amazing natural landscapes, hospitality and delicious food, these villages are accessible relaxing winter tourism spots.

Albania’s spectacular Ionian coast may be the country’s main destination during the summer but, in the winter, these traditional mountainous villages top every traveler’s list. Gorgeous landscapes and fresh air, organic foods and warm hospitality, make the villages below the top 7 relaxing winter spots for 2018.

1. Dardha

This village has been one of the first ones in Albania to enjoy a high popularity in the last decades. Countless loyal local and international tourists visit Dardha each winter because it is simply magical. Snow covered landscape, warm homes under the lights of fireplaces, traditional cooking and hospitable people make Dardha an ideal getaway spot for many. Its proximity to the touristic “center” of Korça makes a visit here even more worthwhile. Plus, there are plenty of skiing opportunities and other outdoor sports in this village for all the winter sport enthusiasts.

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Dardhë, Korçë, Source: flickr.com amneris

2. Vermosh

In recent years, Vermosh has gained some ground as far as winter destinations go. It is no wonder, as this village is entirely covered in spectacular green, orange, and red hues in the fall and, in the winter, the landscape becomes even more beautiful under the snow. It has around 100 days of snow each year! Paved roads make it very accessible and easy to get to while guesthouses and hotels offer comfortable accommodation for a relaxing weekend away from the city.

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Vermosh. Photo Courtesy of Nikol Likja

3. Voskopoja

Similar to Dardha, in terms of its wonderful nature, fresh air, and delicious food, Voskopoja is also renowned for its history. In the preceding centuries, this village used to be a city that was well-known for its Academy, the second printing press of the entire Ottoman Empire, and other significant institutions. If you are interested in art and religion, a visit here is a must as the village has several churches with beautiful frescoes. The guesthouses and restaurants in Voskopoja will make you feel at home while its short distance from Korça makes it an ideal stop and lodging place.

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Old bridge in Voskopoja, photo by IntoAlbania.

Voskopojë, Korçë. Source: Royal Voskopoje Hotel

4. Lëpusha

Located on the way to Vermosh, Lëpusha is well-known for its amazing and untouched nature. One of the most beautiful areas of the Albanian Alps, Lëpusha resembles a Swiss village rather than a place located in the south of Europe. Although relatively obscure, the beautiful village includes a number of comfortable guesthouses that still uphold the tradition of hospitality for which North Albania is famous. Fortunately, there are many weekend tours which start in Tirana and go through Lepusha and the surrounding villages.

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Photo source: booking.com, Guesthouse Alpini, Lëpushë.

5. Razëm

Yet another village in Shkodra that is known for its winter tourism is Razëm. You can reach it by following the road from Koplik Village. Razëm is surrounded by truly magnificent alpine pastures and, during the snowy winter months, skiing is a sport that is especially enjoyed here. Razëm has a wonderful resort with plenty of relaxing and entertaining options, including a large indoor pool, saunas, a restaurant and numerous other facilities.

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Razma village. Source photo: hotelz.tv, from Natyral Razma Resort.

6. Boga

Located near Razëm, Boga is another village that offers some of the most popular accommodation during the winter season. Here, the trip may include multiple visits to the surrounding villages which are as similar as they are unique, offering one beautiful landscape after another.

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Boga village. Photo source: trover.com.

7. Theth + Valbona

Although these two giants of tourism in Albania are often visited during the milder seasons, Theth and Valbona are popular in the winter, as well. Avid mountain climbers prefer the wild terrain of these villages in the winter because, in addition to the challenge they pose, they offer some unforgettable awe-inspiring moments. However, keep in mind that the roads may be difficult to navigate and are sometimes closed off during harsh climate conditions. As such, be sure to be in constant contact with guesthouse owners or village locals so you are well-informed about the environment that awaits you.

Read more about Theth and Valbona before your visit.

Theth National Park

Church of Theth, Shkodra, photo by IntoAalbania

Valbona mountains, photo by IntoAlbania.