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Arbër and Illyrian: Albania Writes Her Name on the Galaxy  

 Certified by the International Union of Astrophysicists, the planet that orbits around the newest star named Illyrian, is called Arbër.  

Just in time for the turning of the year, the Albanian astrophysicist Mimoza Hafizi announced a piece of incredible news. “Today,” she writes in her post, “the International Union of Astrophysicists certified the choice of thousands of Albanians to give planet HD 82886b the name Arbër and the star which it orbits, the name Illyrian.”

The distance of Arbër and Illyrian from earth is about 400 light years. While this is a staggering amount of time for us, it represents a relatively small distance in the universe.

The names are two of the most popular ones in Albania. “Illyrian” because of – you guessed it! – its ancient origins. Arbër, on the other hand, comes from Arbëria which represents Albania’s name, established as a principality in the Middle Ages, 1190 to be exact. So, as the entire country celebrates this unexpected news, the thousands of Albanian men named Arbër and Illyrian (Ilirjan) are especially pleased with this newfound presence in the skies.

A starry sky. Source Web Library

While private companies have been in the business of naming stars for people for quite some time now, those names remain unofficial. The only institution that can certify the names given to stars is the International Union of Astrophysicists, as is the case with Arbër and Illyrian.

Albania’s name in the sky comes at the right time, granting Albanians two heavenly bodies to wish upon as the new decade begins!