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Favorite 10: A Day in Tirana with Xhonatan Islami

Splitting life between earth and sky is one of professional paraglider Xhonatan Islami’s greatest pleasures. Below, he lets us in on how and where he spends his time while on the ground in Albania’s capital.

Favorite Café

My daily ritual is coffee with Alket (Xhonatan’s father and professional paraglider) at Capriccio, where we talk about our athletic events and personal things…and where our friends stop by to say hello.

Alket & Xhonatan Islami, in their daily coffee


Tirana’s Promenade – it has always been a landmark for me and remains the place where I spend time and meet all my friends.

Tirana’s Promenade

Tirana’s Promenade, Photo by IntoAlbania.

Random Spot:

The New Bazaar – one of the areas in Tirana that has become really cool after its transformation, full of interesting spots, people and a really nice vibe.

New Bazaar, photo by IntoAlbania

Go-to Lunch Restaurant:

My quick lunch often happens to be the meal between breakfast and lunch. My favorite places are Teduktu, Çoko, and, lately, Luga e Argjendtë has been added to my list.

Çoko Bistro&Bar, source; facebook.com/cokotirana/

 Dish in a Local Restaurant:

Salmon Filet at Otium.

 Happy-Hour Drink and Place:

Vinyl by Padam and CityArt.

Padam Boutique Hotel &Restaurant, source; facebook.com/padam

 Guilty Pleasure:

It has to be paragliding from Dajti with SkySports! Extremely pleasurable and unforgettable. The guys from SkySports are consummate professionals and will make you come back for more. Oh, yeah, also burgers at Rixhi’s.

Xhonatan Islami & Artion Vreto, pilots of SkySports

Xhonatan Islami in one of his flights

 Culture Spot:

Café-Museum Komiteti…you have to try the roasted raki.

Café-Museum Komiteti, Tirana. Photo by IntoAlbania

 Go-to Dinner Restaurant:

Umami, Mado Fusion Tirana.

Restaurant Umami, source; facebook.com/umami


Checkpoint Charlie.