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Favorite 10: Architecture, Food, and Music in Tirana According to Adens Borova (Naam Van)

Adens Borova, professional architect by day and DJ in Tirana’s most popular clubs by night, shares his unique and hard-earned taste for the very best experiences and divulges his favorite hangouts of the capital.

Favorite Café:

Though I don’t drink coffee, I’ll go ahead and say that Tirana is definitely one of the richest cities in terms of its coffee variety. Most mornings, I like to have tea at Tribeca, as I watch life begin in Blloku.


A place that, for my peers and I, has been historically a meeting or reference point is the former small bridge at Blloku. It was especially useful in times of no cell phones. In those days, when pubs lined the banks of the Lana River, the entire area, including the bridge, was a promenade and, for me, it continues to be a reference point.

Random Spot:

These days, it has become difficult to find such places in Tirana. The capital is constantly evolving, increasingly becoming a metropolitan city and not too many spots have remained “random.” A few narrow streets in Tirana, having somehow escaped the “growth” and construction, still manage to convey the nice sensation of the city as it once was.

Go-to Lunch Restaurant:

I like the food bowls of Teduktu, healthy and full of color. But, mamma’s cooking remains my favorite.

Dish in a local restaurant:

I don’t have a favorite dish. I love fruits and vegetables in all their various forms.

Happy hour drink and place:

After work, I often go to PASS, by the former Dinamo Stadium, and drink a Bloody Mary, my favorite cocktail to have with friends.

Guilty Pleasure:

One of the true pleasures of living in Tirana is my bicycle, which I use daily to finish all my chores. It has none of the stress of the car and saves me tons of time.

Culture Spot:

Destil, which is being demolished as we speak and is soon relocating. In the last few years, it has given this town countless cultural and artistic events, also tied to my profession, architecture.

Go-to Lunch Restaurant:

Oriental City for Chinese food. Artisti, near the National TV Station, for a light and cozy lunch. Fishop, when I’m craving seafood.


I will expand here as this touched on my second profession, that of a DJ J My suggestions coincide with the places where I DJ, and where I feel the most comfortable with the atmosphere, people and, of course, the drinks.

Radio is, by now, an institution in Tirana. The strong identity, well-preserved since its opening ten years ago, makes it an easy choice for anybody. I think I may have sat on each one of its stools and chairs in addition to standing for hours on end by the entrance, just doing my job.

Kino’s patio is very pleasant during the summer. In winters, the bar creates the most perfect pre-club atmosphere, often with music and dancing. Then, there’s Eni, a high school friend, who is hands down the best bartender in Tirana.

Kino bar counter, photo by IntoAlbania.

I prefer to end my nights at PepperRoom, a new club with a nice Disco look and vibe that takes you all the way back to the golden days of Disco music. I love playing there, as well. It gives me positive energy.

By: IntoAlbania

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