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Favorite 10: Enjoying the Tirana Life with Julka Gramo

A familiar voice for radio listeners, Julka Gramo is both a successful career woman and a devoted wife and mother of two boys. Here, she shares the places that make her life in Tirana particularly pleasurable.


My morning coffee prepared by my husband. I apologize to the readers for not being able to share in this delicious experience!

Julka with her husband Andy Gramm. Photo by Julka Gramo


Once upon a time, it was the Skanderbeg Statue. Now, though, the reference point for me has become the lounge of Radio Energy. There, you get a wonderful view of Lana, the Building with Arrows (familiar to all locals, the façade of this building is decorated with arrows) and, often, of the chaotic traffic. The sky and the clouds often give a show I could watch for hours…again, though, a pleasure inaccessible to many. So, let’s stick to the common landmarks, Skanderbeg Square, the Promenade, the Building with Arrows, the University, the Artificial Lake and many others.

Julka in lounge of Radio EnergyRadio

Julka’s sons in Sheshi Skënderbej, Tirana

Random Spot

Now that I think about it, it’s been a while since I’ve stopped by a random place. That’s not my thing, I guess. I generally go to places I’ve been before or ones in which I am meeting someone.

Go-to Lunch Restaurant

I don’t usually do quick lunches as I try to eat healthy. Thus, a wholesome and delicious plate by MUITO in the office is the lunch of choice for me.

Dish in a Local Restaurant

Any meal created by the hands and imagination of chef Arvi at OTIUM Restaurant. Whenever I can, I indulge in a fillet mignon with foie gras.

Otium restaurant. Foto nga Otiumi

Happy Hour Drink and Place

A casual, after-work aperitif at Tribeca. In winter, I sit at the same table, the one right next to the tree trunk. When I don’t drink prosecco, I leave it up to the bartender to surprise me with a nice cocktail.

Aperitiv in Tribeka. Source: Tribeka

Guilty Pleasure

Lunching or dining at Artè, the “transparent” restaurant surrounded by greenery. By day, you can see the sky and, by night, you feel as if you are in a tropical paradise. It is designed with such elegance, with fine details that truly make a difference…Enjoying a cup of coffee in the sunroof is particularly pleasurable as well, especially when the temperatures are high.

Arte Restaurant. Source: Arte

Culture Spot

I can’t think of a particularly exceptional spot here in Tirana.

Go-to Dinner Restaurant

I always go for one of these: Otium, Tribe, Arte or Millenium.

Tribe Restaurant, source: Tribe


I’ve always loved DADA, especially in the summer when the patio with its tall trees and warm lights, and the wonderful music made every single night simply magical. Not to take away anything from the wonderful atmosphere during the colder months, sitting by the sizzling fireplace.

Dada, photo by Julka Gramo

By: IntoAlbania

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