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Favorite 10: In Tirana with Hygerta Sako

With a screen presence that has spanned more than two decades, Hygerta Sako, former Miss Albania and TV Show host, knows Tirana like the back of her hand. Below, she tells us where she relaxes and truly enjoys herself around the capital.

Favorite Café

In general, I like to have my morning coffee in the company of my parents or close friends at Favola Snack Bar, a nice place near my home.


Skanderbeg Square. It has always been and continues to be the most popular and well-known reference point.

Skanderbeg Square, Tirana. Photo courtesy by Kejsi Ferhati.

Random Spot

The New Bazaar in Tirana. Because it’s out of my way, in terms of my daily routine, if you see me there, you can be sure it is because I like it so much and not for any other motive!

Pazari i Ri

New Bazaar, Tirana. Photo by IntoAlbania

Go-to Lunch Restaurant

Restaurant Era for its rich menu and traditional-with-a-spin recipes.

Restaurant Era. Source: facebook.com/erarestaurantpizzeria

Dish in a local restaurant

Baked pasta with cheese, panna and prosciutto.

Happy hour drink and place

White wine.

Guilty Pleasure

My most pleasurable hours of the day are those spent with my daughter, Ania. In the evenings, we often go the cinema together.

Hygerta Sako with her daughter.

Culture Spot

I try to catch as many plays at the theater and ballet performances. There are plenty of great ones in Tirana.

The Opera House in Skanderbeg Square Tirana

Theater of Opera and Ballet, Tirana. Photo by IntoAlbania

Go-to Dinner Restaurant

When I’m in the mood for something good and unusual, I choose Kriper Restaurant.

Kriper Restaurant. Source: facebook.com/Kriper.it


Cavaliero. This is the place where I feel my best!

By: IntoAlbania

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