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Favorite 10: Pleasure and Health in Tirana with Genti Minga

 No detail escapes journalist and translator Genti Minga. A man with particular tastes and preferences, Minga tells us the way to enjoy the good life while staying healthy in the busy capital.



Teahouse would be more accurate, in my case. My favorite is Café-Museum Komiteti where they offer organic teas, which I have a soft spot for. At time, I enjoy a shot of spicy raki.



Luga e Argjendtë Restaurant. It is the meeting point of all my dearest friends. But I also love this place because I get to meet many of the brilliant minds of town, people I usually learn from. That’s what makes it a special point of reference for me.


Random Spot

Our society is really lucky to have a dedicated explorer of the country’s most remote spots like Dhurata Thanasi (owner of Luga e Argjendtë). Her involvement with rural development programs has taken her to some of the most incredible corners of the land, places no one knows about. One day she randomly took us to Sharka Lake, very near the capital. From that day on, that random spot become the most in-demand destination among my friends.

Genti Minga and Dhurata Thanasi, owner of “Luga e Argjendtë”.


Go-to Lunch Restaurant

TëDuKtu is pretty good. They should add the word “cheesecake” to the restaurant’s name because they make the best one around!


Favorite Dish

Falafel with hummus. I am obsessed with this combination. The place where I used to get it raised its price so much that I had to start making it myself.


Happy Hour Drink

The only drinks I have are water, freshly-squeezed juices and teas. I used to drink dhallë (Albanian ayran or type of kefir) but I quit drinking it for a while now.


Guilty Pleasure

Much less of a guilt and more of a pleasure: Fitness Practica Gym is a place where, even when I go in a bad mood, tired, stressed or angry, I always come out in a great mood, energetic, happy, stress-free and totally high on life.

Genti at the gym.


Culture Spot

In the past year, I have established a new ritual. Every weekend, I go to either the theater or cinema by myself, because I enjoy it profoundly. Now, I think I’ll start with regular visits to the Theater of Opera and Ballet because I love classical pieces, as well.


Go-to Dinner Restaurant

Not only for dinner, but also for lunch and breakfast, I have my own exclusive restaurant called “Afërdita.” That’s my aunt, who deserves a Michelin star but, sadly, we don’t always get what we deserve.

Genti and his aunty, Afërdita.


You put me in a tough spot here. I don’t drink alcohol. I will also go ahead and confess that I hate nightlife. I disliked it even when I was younger. Nor do I particularly enjoy lounging around in bars, unless I have a work meeting. In that case, I would choose one of the city’s Mon Cheri’s (café chain), for their delicious coconut and green tea cookies.



By: IntoAlbania

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