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Outdoor Destinations in Tirana

One of the best aspects of outdoor destinations in Tirana is that they offer swift and beautiful escapes out of the city and into nature! Countless wonderful outdoor destinations surround the capital’s periphery. Depending on your preference, you can hike, climb, swim, or pedal your way through it all. Or, you may prefer to have a quiet and relaxing picnic. Either way, read our suggestions below to find your ideal spot!

Shëngjergji (St. George) Waterfall

An unstoppable surge of water falls from 30 meters high on the side of the Gropa Mountain. The Shëngjergji Waterfall, located near the village of the same name, is one of the most beautiful outdoor destinations in Tirana. And, it is so easy to get there! You will travel by car until you cannot go any further. From then you will walk for about 20 minutes, following the signs, which will take you directly to the waterfall. One of the first things you will notice is the red hue of the cliffs surrounding it!

Shëngjergji Waterfall, Tirana. Photo by IntoAlbania


The lake is one of the trendiest outdoor destinations in Tirana. The trip to get there from the capital takes only 40 minutes. Yet, for such a short distance, the scene changes entirely! At Boville Lake, the terrain is slightly mountainous and enveloped in lush low vegetation. This area is perfect for hiking and rock climbing! In fact, most rock climbers choose it because it offers varying levels of climbing difficulty.

Bovilla Lake, Tirana. Photo Credits: Fation Plaku

Syri i Ciklopit (Eye of the Cyclops)

Outdoor explorers have discovered this natural treasure fairly late. Thus, it remains one of the most untouched destinations around! It is located about 4 km below Skëterrë Village, in the valley of the Erzen River. With a width of about 20 meters and depths of 20 meters, at the end of the gorge lays a beautiful swimmable lake with turquoise waters. Legends talk about a giant creature that once lived there, keeping the locals away from this magical place. Today, you can take a car or bus until Krrabë Village. The remainder of the road involves a hike in a beautiful trail.

Syri i Ciklopit, Tirana. Photo Courtesy of Xheni Kertusha

Cave of Pëllumbas

One of rarest karst caves and prehistoric settlements in Albania! Stalactites and stalagmites cover the cave in its entirety while underground currents flow under the cliff floor. Organized tours follow the road that takes you to Pëllumbas Village. From here, you hike on the rest of the road that takes you to the destination.

Cave of Pëllumbas, Tirana. Source: zbulo.org

Tujani Canyon

The crosscutting of the Dajti and Brari mountains has created this interesting canyon, reachable via the traces of the old Arbër Road. Tujani is 1.2 km long, 20-50 m wide and about 250 m deep, with a karst ecosystem that includes caves of various sizes on the canyon’s slopes. The destination is not very popular yet and, hence, especially appealing to the explorers out there! You can drive or take the cable car to reach the field of Dajti and then proceed on foot to reach the canyon. The path to the top includes orientation signs so it is not difficult to find.

Tujani Canyon, photo by IntoAlbania.

Mali me Gropa (The Mountain with Holes)

Mali me Gropa takes its name from the holes formed by the limestone cliffs’ process of dissolution from water. The karst crags have the shape of a funnel. The area has a very interesting ecosystem resulting from nature’s century-old chemical experiment. Its flora and fauna are rich in vegetation and various animal species. This monument of nature can be visited by following the Tirana-Dajt-Bizë highway with the trip lasting approximately 2 hours.

Mali me Gropa, Tirana. Photo by Elis Puka

Petrela Village

The village of Petrelë is one of the most beautiful outdoor destinations in Tirana.  With its castle sitting atop a rocky hill, the area is a favorite destination for hiking and biking. The village is located only 15 km away from Tiranë and is easily accessible by car or public transportation. The road that leads to Petrelë is one of the main roads of the city, from Tiranë to the nearby city of Elbasan. You can park the car in Petrela’s center and can take a walk or jog in the trails surrounding the village.  The small valleys surrounding the Castle’s rocky peak are ideal for organizing picnics.

Petrela Castle, Tirana, photo by Intoalbania