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Stay in Albania: Top 10 Beaches of Summer 2024, from North to South

The summer season has arrived more quietly than ever this year, amidst an uncertain atmosphere.  Many of the beaches in the country promise to host an entertaining summer season. Taking all precautions and following health guidelines, beach restaurateurs, hoteliers, and business owners are trying their best to ensure a safe and fun stay for all visitors.

Unlike most summers, it is best to skip the extremely populated beaches of the Riviera this time and stick to the less populated, more intimate one. But, a very quick stop may be worth it in a few legendary ones. To find out where to stay longer, where to stop by, and where to return to throughout the entire summer, check out our list below. From north to south, IntoAlbania has selected the very best beaches of this summer.

1. Rana e Hedhun

The name of this spectacular beach on the Adriatic coast means “thrown sand,” referring to its gorgeous slanting sand dunes. Indeed the sand is the protagonist here, with a wide belt that reaches up to 300 meters in parts. Cut off from the rest of the world by rows and rows of pines, which offer a natural shelter from the sun in the hottest moments of the day, Rana e Hedhun has been a favorite among intimate beach lovers for a while now. While its popularity is slowly increasing (nowadays it hosts many music festivals and events) it remains one of the best and safest beaches to visit this summer.

Rana e Hedhun. Photo by Web Library

2. Cape of Rodon

A snippet of rocky land on the Adriatic of the same spectacular beauty as the beaches on the southern Ionian coast, a.k.a. the Albanian Riviera. Located much closer to the capital, Cape of Rodon is often used to film music videos, commercials, and wedding memories. Lately, this once exclusive beach has become the alternative to the much more populated surrounding beaches in Durrës and Lalëzi Bay. The rugged, off-road and pristine Cape of Rodon is also very accessible.

Cape of Rodon. Photo by IntoAlbania

3. Karpen

The least talked about beach of the entire list, Karpen is the choice of those who know quality places without any help from our lists. For these true bon vivants, Karpen, located in the city of Kavajë, offers a truly comfortable and pleasant sandy beach. While there, the vacationer can also enjoy high-quality seafood and wines. Like Cape of Rodon, Karpen is a favorite among those who prefer more secluded spots.


Karpen. Photo by Web Library

4. Radhimë

Rradhimë marks the magical spot where the pretty Adriatic turns into the stunningly beautiful Ionian. The sudden transformation of hues, from green to the turquoises and blues of the Ionian Sea might make it impossible not to stop the car at the first beach. Furthermore, the growing popularity of Rradhimë has led to an exponential growth of businesses and countless truly luxurious investments in the area. Ideal for those who don’t want to cross the Llogara Pass but still want to bathe in the Ionian!

Radhimë. Photo by Web Library

5. Palasë

The first beach that is visible from the highest peak of Llogara Pass while ascending and the one which makes the descent feel unbearably long simply from the strong desire to dive right into the stunningly blue and sparkly water. Nowadays, Palasë is “in” among young people. This status comes courtesy of the beautiful sea and white rocks in tandem with a plethora of popular nightclubs along the Riviera. Hands-down the trendiest beach of the south for the moment. Not one to stay too long it is still worth a quick stop this summer.

Palasë. Photo by

6. Dhërmi

An unmovable reference point for the last three decades, this beach, along with its twin, Drimadhes, is the most popular for both local and foreign tourists. Perpetually included in international lists of the best beaches in the area, Dhërmi is an Albanian summer staple. The blue waters and olive trees of Drimadhes, the longest and widest coastline in the south and the aquamarine bays of Dhërmi are the first suggestions offered by a local when asked about the best beaches in the country.


Dhërmi beach, Vlora, Source:

7. Jal

Positioned between Dhërmi and Himara, this beach has been profiled for years as belonging to the sphere of luxury tourism. Yet, it is also paradoxically the beach with the largest camping site. Jal is one of the most popular places in the south, when it comes to hotels and services, beach parties, and especially the nightlife. The weekends here, with live music from local singers and international DJs, are famous.

Jali Beach in Vlora, photo by IntoAlbania

8. Potam

Where the water is always crisp and clean. Thanks to the numerous underwater sources, the sea temperature in Potam is significantly cooler than the rest of the beaches in Himara. This coolness is, of course, accompanied by crystal clarity. If you can’t give up your stay in the nice but populated village of Himara this summer but would rather spend the day in the less frequented beach, Potam is where you should go.

Potami beach. Photo by

9. Llaman

What immediately strikes you when you look at the relatively short Albanian coastline is the sheer richness in variety, especially in the colors of the sea. You may as well be traveling from one country to another as you make your way from one beach to the next along the Riviera. The sea color in Llaman is one of the most memorable hues of emerald green, different from the surrounding beaches. Seen from above, the small rocky bay looks like a giant armchair where the sea is the most beautiful seat. Also invigoratingly cool, the sea here brings you back to your senses.

Llaman. Photo by Web Library

10. Ksamil

Just when you think that you have seen it all along the Riviera, Ksamil appears. The very last of the southern beaches but one of the first if the ranking was based on beauty! Here, nature has painted a masterpiece. You can stay on the beach of white sand or hop on a jet ski and visit one of the three islands of Ksamil, right in the middle of the Ionian. Ksamil never ceases to amaze and always deserves its mention in every summer list.

Ksamil. Photo by Web Library