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The Best Pizzerias in Tirana

From beautiful family-style restaurants and popular friendly spots to quick and easy fast-food joints, you won’t find it hard to get some of the world’s best pizza in Albania’s capital.

Everyone loves pizza! This Italian concoction holds an unwavering universal appeal because it combines the deliciousness of hot bread with a never-ending variety of fresh, Mediterranean toppings. While you can find this food in every city and country of the world, in Tirana you are especially lucky. Why? Because here, most of the pizzaiolos have learned the art of making pizza in neighboring Italy, where the art of making pizza was created and perfected. So, keep in mind that whichever pizza place you choose in Tirana, you are bound to get the real thing. Below we give you our top eight spots to try out.


If you love traditional Italian-style pizza, prepared with the freshest ingredients and a lot of passion, head to Pavarotti. Although it was established only two years ago, this pizzeria has distinguished itself from the rest and quickly made a name for itself. Read our dedicated article for more.

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One of the first names that comes up whenever you are searching for the best pizza in town, Saporita is always busy. Indeed, you will notice a line of people waiting for a table at this contemporary, cozy spot but, once you taste the pizza, you will understand why. Though it may require some patience on your part, the outstanding variety of pizzas made with fresh ingredients will make it worth your while. For reservations, call +355672348520. Address: The restaurant is located on Emin Duraku St., on the ground floor of the high-rise residential building across from Selman Stermasi Stadium. For the map, click here.


This restaurant’s Italian staff comes from the region in Italy of the same name so you can be sure the pizza you’ll taste here is authentic. Like at Saporita, you may have to wait awhile for a table here, as well. However, this gives you even more time to pour over Apulia’s rich menu. The pizzas and panzerottis are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. For reservations, call +355698354325. Address: Komuna e Parisit St. For the map click here.

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Proper Pizza

Here, in the most popular pizza chain in town, the pizzas are measured in centimeters. The smallest one is 20 cm costs 250 ALL, a 30 cm pizza costs 450 ALL, 40 cm costs 850 ALL and the largest pizza of 60 cm costs 1650 ALL. The perfect dough, fresh marinara sauce and sesame taste are the identifying elements of Proper Pizza. Thanks to its great delivery service, you can order it and enjoy it anywhere you please. However, you can also choose to visit one of the two cozy spots in Tirana, one by Dinamo Stadium and the other on Kavaja St. For orders, call: +355697778888.

Era Pizzeria

Already one the most popular restaurants of traditional Albanian food in town, the chefs at Era are masterful pizzaiolos, as well. As such, this is the ideal spot for those of you who would like to try both authentic Albanian cooking and Italian-style pizzas. You can have the pizzas delivered but we recommend that you enjoy the lively Era atmosphere in either one of its two great locations in Bllok and  next to the COIN commercial center. For more information, call +355694021312 or visit Era website.


Perhaps it is better that this chain does not offer delivery service as the location and warm atmosphere of each of its restaurants is worth experiencing along with their delicious pizza. Baked in a traditional pizza oven, the types of pizzas and combination of flavors range from the most traditional to the utterly unexpected. For more detailed information, read our article on Artigiano here.

Burimi i fotos,


Opened in the ‘90s, this pizzeria was one of the first few places that offered real Italian food. Most locals remember Juvenilja’s long lines back when it was located in the popular Rinia Park. Today, there are two Juvenilja locations in Tirana, which offer similar menus but very different atmospheres. The one in the Bllok area of town is smaller and more intimate while Juvenilja Castello is perfect for family dinners, especially during spring and summer when patio seating is available. Juvenilja in Bllok: +35532272222/+35542256885/+355682022802. Juvenilja Castello : +35542266666/+355692089177.  For the official website click here.


With a wonderful atmosphere, great service, delicious appetizers and pizzas and located in the very center of the Bllok area, Deliziosa is becoming increasingly popular. With a simple yet delicious traditional pizza menu, this is one of those places that you will undoubtedly return to. Located in the back of a main street, this restaurant is specifically situated at the end of the pathway which connects the pubs Check Point Charlie and Dada. For reservations, call +355 688771050.

Honorable Mention


It’s the most delectable corner in Tirana’s busiest intersection, located at the heart of the capital’s main boulevard. Laguna is one of the oldest establishments in town, having lived through the Communist period as a simple bakery and sweets shop, and morphed into a fast-food joint in the last few decades. To this day, Laguna never disappoints when you need a little pick-me-up while walking the streets of the city. So, grab a quick slice of pizza next time you find yourself strolling along the main boulevard.


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