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The Extraordinary Perfectly Spherical Rocks of Tepelena

There is more amazing beauty to behold in the gorgeous area of Nivica if you veer off the usual road and head to Lekdush Village.

Nivica, in Tepelena, is already a popular touristic destination. With its canyons, gorges, Illyrian castle, the countless welcoming guesthouses where you can get an authentic taste of this region, as well as Mount Këndrevica, you find yourself awestruck at every turn! This is why it’s incredible that there’s even more amazement to be had around here.

Recently, environmentalist, nature expert and photographer Abdulla Diku has brought another curious wonder of Nivica to the forefront. Always seeking new extraordinary sites, Diku has run into an incredible natural phenomenon: perfectly spherical rocks that seem as if they have descended to earth from space.

The giant globes are specifically found in Lekdush Village. According to Diku, “the rocks of impeccable spherical shapes” stood out against their background of more normal rocks. “Their paler shade of sandy color and slightly elevated position on the surface,” make them appear unreal, suspended as if photoshopped on the landscape.

“There seems to be a combination of two or more different types of rocks,” Diku adds. “The spheres appear to be composed of resilient rocks that have withstood erosion, while the rocks where the spheres are located look as if made from softer material. Of course, this represents a long process of hundreds of thousands of years.” No matter how much beauty we see, we can never predict what time and nature are capable of producing.


Though Nivica is gorgeous in its entirety, sometimes these kinds of details have a special way of reminding us of the perfection that nature can create. If you find yourself in the area, make sure to stop by Lekdush Village to witness this natural, literally awesome, phenomenon. You will be rockstruck!