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Top 5 Perfectly Cozy Destinations to Visit in September

With the reputation of a busy month, September is also one of the most beautiful of the year. The fresh air, golden hues and beginning of fall are best enjoyed in one of the destinations below.


With the cooler air that September brings and the return of the bronzed vacationers, Tirana becomes a refreshing and vibrant city. The boulevard is especially beautiful during the autumn months as the warm rays of the sun reflect beautifully on Skanderbeg Square and the surrounding architecture. Strolling along the streets and having a coffee or drink in the many cafés and bars is enough of a pleasurable experience on its own. But, you may opt to visit the tranquil villages of Petrela or Preza in the outskirts of Tirana or take the Dajti Express to enjoy the beautiful mountainous landscape that surrounds the capital. For more ideas on where to go in Tirana, click here.

Skanderbeg Square in Tirana, photo by IntoAlbania


This large village on the Ionian coast is a summer favorite. However, in September, with less crowds and still very sunny weather, Himara offers a different experience. While many of the other beaches in the Riviera close down their services and accommodations, Himara’s atmosphere continues to be both vibrant and cozy. Enjoy the petulla for breakfast and fresh seafood for lunch while sharing the beach with few others. Himara in September is truly intimate and offers the prefect transition into the new season. If you didn’t get the chance to visit the Ionian this summer, September is ideal!

Main promenade of Himara, photo by IntoAlbania

Villages in Korça

Dardha, Voskopoja, Boboshtica, Vithkuq – these villages around Korça are some of the most picturesque in Albania. While many people visit them in the summer for the fresh air and in the winter for the snow, you can imagine how beautiful they become with the start of autumn. They are worth visiting if only for the delicious cuisine! However, you’ll find that the gorgeous landscape along with the relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in the guesthouses here will put your mind at ease. Take your pick and enjoy a couple of days all to yourself!

Dardha village in Korça, photo source:

Around Lezha

Lezha offers some of the most wonderful sites for nature and food lovers! You may visit the beaches of Shëngjin or Rana e Hedhun to spend a calming afternoon and head to one of the several gastronomical treasures, like Mrizi i Zanave or Rapsodia, for lunch or dinner. The gorgeous landscape of the area includes the nearby lagoons of Patoku, Kune-Vain-Tale and Karavasta which offer opportunities for bird watching and delicious food. For more details, click here.

Patoku Lagoon in Lezha, photo by IntoAlbania


The UNESCO World Heritage Site has much to offer all year round but, with the beginning of autumn, the city and its surroundings are simply magical. You can simply enjoy being surrounded by mountains while you stroll along the cobbled streets of the City of Stone, eat wonderful traditional food and visit one of the oldest castles in the Balkans. We suggest exploring the surrounding sites, as well, especially the gorgeous ancient cities of Antigonea and Hadrianopolis. This is a sure way of becoming fully immersed in this unforgettable autumnal landscape! For more on what to do while in Gjirokastra, click here.

View of Gjirokastra Castle and the surrounding mountains, photo courtesy of Matthew J Zumwalt

By: IntoAlbania

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