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Where to Watch the Falling Stars in Albania

August 10th, better-known as the Night of St. Lawrence’s Tears, when the Perseid Meteor crosses the night sky, offers a rare celestial spectacle which lasts for more than just one night. If you’d like to watch parts of the Swift-Tuttle comet falling towards the earth, we suggest that you go to one of the places below.

Shebenik-Jablanica Park

The national park is known for its astro-tours throughout the year, where you can gaze at the celestial bodies via telescopes or simply enjoy the clear views of the star-filled skies. In order to fully celebrate the Night of St. Lawrence’s Tears, however, Astrotourism Albania organizes special “Observation Nights” on August 9th-13th. As part of the activity, you get to observe the Perseid showers, the moon, Jupiter, Saturn and more. You will be accompanied by professional guides, have your own tents, taste traditional food and enjoy yourself around the bonfires in the evenings. For more information, click here.

Kallkan Mountain peak

Kallkan Mountain peak, 2,189 meters above the sea level. Photo by IntoAlbania.

Theth and Valbona

Thanks to their significant elevation above sea level, Theth and Valbona are some of the most ideal places to look at the stars. Many organized tours travel to both Theth and Valbona on the weekends, so do not miss the opportunity to combine star-gazing by night with the exploration of the beautiful rugged nature of the area by day.

Photo courtesy of Matthew Storer.


The Llogara National Park can be easily accessed by anyone who happens to be on the southern coast, enjoying the beautiful Ionian, or in the city of Vlora. Thus, if around these parts and looking for a truly perfect spot from which to see the meteor shower, Llogara is the right place. You can enjoy dinner at one of the traditional restaurants here, as well!

View of Llogara from Dukat, Vlora. Photo Courtesy of Sarah Goolishian.

Mount Korab

If you make it to Mount Korab, the highest peak in the entire country, you will undoubtedly have the equivalent of a front row seat to the meteor showers. From these heights, the sky is always spectacular, but this event promises a truly unforgettable show. If you have your own tents and camping gear, this may be the right weekend to experience both the gorgeous mountain and the Tears of St. Lawrence.

Korab Mountain in Dibra, photo courtesy of Egzon Bytyqi.

Dajti Mountain 

For Tirana locals, the nearby Dajti Mountain offers the quickest and best way of enjoying this poetic night, where romantic images come to life! Accommodation is available in hotels and guesthouses and you will find nice restaurants with traditional food, here. A short journey out of the city this weekend will take you further than you can imagine!


Do not forget to look up at the sky wherever you find yourself on this majestic night. You may just catch a glimpse of the meteor shower but it will suffice to inspire you!

By: IntoAlbania

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