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Wine Tasting in Berat

Many countries of the world have one or more famous wine-producing regions, where the winemaking tradition has begun and where it continues to grow thanks to the local winemakers’ devotion, the climate, and many other trade secrets which favor one place over another. A few of these regions include California’s Napa Valley, France’s Burgundy, Spain’s La Rioja, and Italy’s Tuscany, among many others. In Albania, one of the best wine tasting regions is Berat. With a great number of traditional wineries and a steady growth in this market, Berat has become a great destination where locals and tourists spend the day tasting some of the best wine in the country.

In Berat, one gets the unique opportunity of enjoying wine in some of the most historic and traditional locations of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many of the winemakers will share their stories and some of their trade secrets as you sip on a wonderful glass of Albanian wine. Many enologists confirm that the wonderful Berat wine owes much of its taste and quality to the region’s excellent vineyards and their great cultivation. Albania’s Mediterranean climate, especially wonderful in Berat, offers very favorable conditions for the health of the vines and their abundant growth in many varieties. These and the region-specific methods of aging and fermentation are some of the reasons behind the wonderful wine of Berat.

During your visit in Berat, we suggest that you visit the best three wineries listed below:

Çobo Winery

Facing the legendary Mount Tomorr and sitting near the hills that surround the city of Berat, the Çobo family winery offers the ideal opportunity of tasting some of the best, 100% authentic Albanian wine while surrounded by the most beautiful scenery around. This winery specializes in both red and white varieties, producing five distinct wines. The winery is a leader in domestic winemaking processes and technologies and famous for the consistent high quality of their product. Çobo wine perfectly complements the traditional meat-based dishes of the region as well as the lighter appetizers, especially locally made cheese and bread and those famous juicy green olives that you can only find in Berat!

Wine Tasting in Berat

Çobo Winery, Berat, Source:

Nurellari Winery

The Nurellari Winery produces delicious, full-bodied red wines, fermented in oak barrels and exhibiting deep burgundy hues. This winery’s red varieties are made from Merlot and Cabernet grapes, whose growth in this area is of a particularly high quality, and are most suitable for rich meat dishes. Of course, there is no shortage of white wine with its more delicate flavors. The white varieties have sweet aromas and subtler tastes best suited for appetizers and seafood dishes. Save room for dessert as the Nurellari wine varieties are also perfect complements to the famously rich sweets of Berat.

Wine Tasting in Berat

Nurellari Winery, Berat, Source:

Luani Winery

Berat, a city which saw the establishment of a modest winery in 1960, has fully embraced contemporary technologies regarding winemaking. Today, the once-state owned winery, privatized 25 years ago, goes by the name of Luani Winery and is a significant contender in Albania’s wine market. History and tradition has favored this winery which offers good prices and a wide variety of wines from which to choose. Whether white, red or rosé, there is a great selection of bottles representing different types of grapes, various periods of fermentation but the same great quality of taste. So full is the taste and so tempting the color that you may lose count of the glasses you consume!

Wine Tasting in Berat

Luani Winery, Berat, Source: