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15 Best Photos from our Contributors

Following our call for photo contributions, we received countless wonderful photos from all over Albania. Professional and amateur photographers sent us their best shots and, after a tough selection process, we are sharing our top picks for January. But, stay tuned as, each month, we’ll publish more of the best photos from our readers!

1. Kanina Castle, by Nikol Likja

Kanina Castle in Vlora. Photo Courtesy of Nikol Likja.

2. Mount Çika, by Altin Serani

Mount Çika, Vlora. Photo Courtesy of Altin Serani.

3. Tepelena, by Alvaro Galvez

Vjosa River in Tepelena. Photo Courtesy of Alvaro Galvez.

4. Pukë, by Marin Doci

Fierzë, Pukë, photo courtesy by Marin Doci.

5. Zvërnec, by Altin Serani

View of Zvërnec from the air, Vlora. Photo Courtesy of Altin Serani.

6. Orikum, by Sarah Goolishian

Walking around Orikum. Photo courtesy of Sarah Goolishian.

7. Theth, by Xheni Kertusha

Theth, photo courtesy of Xheni Kertusha.

8. Boboshtica, by Nikol Likja

Boboshtica, Korça. Photo Courtesy of Nikol Likja.

9. Gjirokastër, by Amatea Gozhida

Gjirokastër, photo courtesy of Amatea Gozhida.

10. Orikum, by Sarah Goolishian

Ancient Church in Orikum, Vlora. Photo Courtesy of Sarah Goolishian.

11. Lin, by Nikol Likja

Lin, photo courtesy by Nikol Likja.

12. Dibër, by Xheni Kertusha

Arras, Dibër, photo courtesy by Xheni Kertusha.

13. Tirana, by Alvaro Galvez

On the road, photo courtesy by Alvaro Galvez.

14. Himara, by Nikol Likja

Himara, photo courtesy of Nikol Likja.

15. Ksamil, by Sarah Goolishian

Ksami, photo courtesy by Sarah Goolishian.


By: IntoAlbania

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