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5 Ideal Picnic Spots in Shkodra

The weekend is best enjoyed out in the open, where you can breathe in fresh air, far from the city and get your blood pumping while playing your favorite outdoor sports or hiking. What better way to maximize your time with nature and fully enjoy your day than organizing a picnic? If you find yourself in or near Shkodra, below you will find the best places to have your ideal picnic and more.


With its wonderful climate, the crisp air that is constantly refreshed from the lake, and Mount Tarabosh beautifully framing the entire landscape, Shiroka is so inviting that you might spend the entire day here. The birds floating on and above the water’s surface give you the perfect image to rest your eyes upon and relax entirely. The area around the lake is perfect for an outdoor picnic but even if you do not find yourself fully prepared for the latter, you can always visit one of the many delicious restaurants in the area. This spot if perfect for fishing, as well!

Birdwatching around Shiroka, photo by IntoAlbania.


If you think that Velipoja is only a beach destination, then we are happy to inform you that you are sorely mistaken. The entire shore is lined with gorgeous pine trees which create the most idyllic area for a picnic. The clean air combined with that characteristically refreshing pine aroma will make you forget the city at once. There are plenty of fascinating spots to visit around here before or after your picnic such as the Buna River, Franz Joseph Island, and the Vilun Lagoon.


The village of Reç, better known as the land of chestnuts, is located in the Malësia e Madhe region of the country (Great Highlands of Albania), specifically in Shkrel, about 102 km away from Tirana. If you have never been surrounded by massive chestnut trees before, then you should definitely experience this one-of-a-kind feeling amidst the 250 to 500-year-old trees here. Take a walk along the forest or visit the Cave of the Swallows, where you will see impressive stalactite formations. What once upon a time served as a shelter for the residents in times of war is nowadays the haven of tourists and swallows.


The rare beauties and climate peculiarities of this area offer yet another perfect destination for your ideal picnic. At 1022 m above sea level, here your lungs will get their fill of fresh air and your senses a much-desired moment of quietude. Popular among tourists, this area offers plenty of trails for hiking as well as numerous caves that you can visit, such as the Cave of Velecik Peak or the Cave of Lugjeve. In your walks, you may even run into locals and tourists collecting drinkable water from one of many old-timey wells scattered in the area.

Razma Resort. Photo source: booking.com/hotel/al/natyral-razma-resort.


Along the road of Koman, 12 km from Vau i Dejës, lies the village of Mlloja. Somewhat of a mystery, as it is not widely visited or included in touristic lists, Mlloja’s nature is beautifully untouched which makes it all the more appealing. By the lake, looking at the swans or the green meadow, you can pick and choose on what wonderful aspect of the landscape to rest your eyes. But, those of you who like more physical activities may take a boat ride or play a volleyball game in the nice outdoor courts.

By: Albana Kraja

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