Illyrium - One of the Six Heavenly Varietals from Divine Wines Now in Albania - Into Albania

Illyrium – One of the Six Heavenly Varietals from Divine Wines Now in Albania

Divine Wines shpk brings an incredibly well-made selection of six distinct delicious wines from Slovenia’s Jeruzalem Wine Region to Albania. Let’s drink to it!

There is no more fitting tribute to the ancient land of Illyria and its spirited people than a perfectly-crafted bottle of red wine. Black berries, paprika, pepper, tobacco. These are the rich flavors that Divine Wines has selected to create Illyrium, its signature Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve. However, there are plenty more gifts to the Albanian consumer, courtesy of one of Slovenia’s best “boutique wine” producers and its Tirana distributor.

About Divine Wines

Divine Wines brings this universally-beloved elixir straight from the charming hills of Jeruzalem to your table. The holy name does justice to this particular area of Slovenia, renowned among wine connoisseurs for its rich ancient wine-making tradition and the cultivation of exceptional grapes. Legends tell the tale of medieval crusaders who, on their way to the Holy Land, stopped in this region. Recognized for their hospitality, the locals treated the crusaders to a feast so magnificent that the crusaders never left.

Today, this same region is home to carefully cultivated vineyards. Its wines are known for their freshness, balance and unique taste.  The famous Rhine Riesling, the exotic Muscat, and the crisp Sauvignon Blanc, are some of the selected varieties meticulously produced and bottled by the Hlebec family, a 3rd generation wine house. Divine Wines has carefully selected six wines that are sure to please the Albanian population. In a way, Divine Wines has already done the hard work for you.

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The Divine Six

Illyrium, Louis XIV, LeBlanc des Templiers, Illuminati, Casablanca and Amore are made to please the palates of both simple wine lovers and connoisseurs. Reasonably priced, this array of flavors finds a way of perfectly complementing any mood, time of day, or occasion.

Casablanca, our dry Sauvignon Blanc, is ideal for a lighthearted gathering with friends, or to complement a delicious meal. It blends perfectly with white meats and cheeses. A glass of Illuminati is an explosion of flower aroma. A Muscat to savor at all times to better understand the mysteries of life. The Rhine Riesling, this surprising charmer with its hints of minerals is the perfect companion for fish or any type of seafood. Our rose Amore, the ultimate aperitif, will please your tasting buds thanks to its well-balanced structure: a blend of berries and spices for a pleasurable experience, just like love itself.

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The winery’s premium wines are Louis XIV and Illyrium, inspired by the respective historical figures of Louis XIV, the sun king, and the last Illyrian monarch, Gent. The first, a special sparkling cuvee, is a fresh blend of Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay, the same as its cousins from Champagne. In contrast,the second, derived from the most famous grape in the world, Cabernet Sauvignon, is rich, intense and full of character, perfectly echoing the figure it celebrates.

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Once you open a bottle, you will likely reach its end. But, just in case you would like to keep some for later, Divine Wines has adapted the new technology of screw caps, for 4 of its wines, which is both convenient and preserves the taste of wine for a longer period of time.

If this is your first foray into the world of these particular wines, you should know that any of the wines you choose guarantees a wonderful beginning to a long and pleasurable journey ahead. Fill your glass and let’s drink to our health, happiness and prosperity.

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