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A Tourist in September – What to do in Albania

Albania in September is a fantastic time to visit. The weather is still warm and pleasant, the crowds are gone compared to the peak summer months, and you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities and cultural experiences. Here are some things to do in Albania in September:

Explore Tirana: Start your trip in the capital city, Tirana. Visit Skanderbeg Square, the National History Museum, and the colorful buildings of the Blloku district. Tirana has a vibrant nightlife, so you can enjoy the city’s bars and restaurants in the evening.

Beach Time: Albania has a stunning coastline along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. In September, the weather is still warm, and tourist spots are less crowded. Consider visiting popular beach destinations like Ksamil, Dhermi, Jale, or Vlora at this time of the year.

Hike in the Albanian Alps: The northern part of Albania offers some incredible hiking opportunities. Explore the Theth and Valbona Valleys, and consider taking the hike from Theth to Valbona. The scenery is breathtaking.

Visit Historic Sites: Albania has a rich history and many ancient sites to explore. Gjirokaster and Berat are UNESCO World Heritage Sites with beautifully preserved Ottoman architecture. The ancient city of Butrint is also a must-visit.

Lakes and Rivers: Head to Lake Ohrid, which is shared with North Macedonia, for its pristine waters and historic towns. You can also explore the Osumi Canyon near Berat, ideal for hiking and canyoning, and visit the last wild river in Europe called Vjosa or the Beautiful Valbona River in the North.

Try Albanian Cuisine: Don’t miss the opportunity to sample delicious Albanian food. Try traditional dishes like burek, tave kosi (yogurt and lamb casserole), and fresh seafood along the coast which are perfect to taste in autumn.

Outdoor Adventures: Albania is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts. You can go kayaking, paragliding, rock climbing, and mountain biking in various regions of the country. Choose Mount Dajti, Llogara or Korça

Cultural Festivals: Check for any local festivals or cultural events during your visit. This September you can visit the “Tomato Festival”, “Tirana Photo Festival” and other cultural events dedicated to Azerbaijan, the United Kingdom, China, and Egypt. 

Relax in Hot Springs: Albania has several natural hot springs. The most famous is Benja Thermal Baths, near the town of Permet. It’s a perfect place to relax and stay for a few days away from the big cities.

Visit Bunkers: Albania has an interesting history with bunkers. You can explore some of the bunkers that were built during the communist era, like the Bunk’Art museums in Tirana.

September can be an amazing month to visit Albania because of the fresh weather, soft nature, and less crowded top spots. If you are planning your trip now, don’t hesitate to post your memories with us using the #kudomeVodafone hashtag and tagging @vodafonealbaniaofficial to invite other travelers.