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Forbes: Durrës, One of Five Beautiful and Underrated Seaside Cities in Europe

In an effort to encourage people to get excited about next year’s travel plans, Forbes reveals the truly hidden gems of Europe for those who love exploring new things.

Forbes does not disappoint with the simple yet highly selective list of Five Of Europe’s Most Underrated Seaside Cities. We have always considered it an underrated gem and are ecstatic that Forbes agrees! Comfortably nestled between more the famous destinations of The Hague in the Netherlands and Italy’s Trieste, or Greece’s legendary Crete and Bulgaria’s Varna, you also find Albania’s own ancient city of Durrës.

Sheshi “Iliria” në Durrës

Illyria Square in Durrës. Photo by  IntoAlbania

The article focuses on the coastal city’s mild climate, a gift from the Adriatic Sea, as well as its astoundingly rich history. Indeed, perhaps not often quoted in international history texts, Durrës has its rightful place among all the important centers of Europe’s ancient civilization, arguable one of the world’s greatest.

Plazhi i Gjirit të Lalzit

The beach on the Adriatic Coast of Durrës. Photo from @krisssich.

This is what Forbes has to say about the attractive seaside town:

“Located just west of Albania’s capital, the coastal city of Durrës is famed for its pleasant Mediterranean climate and historic architecture. The city was founded sometime around 650 BCE by Greek settlers, though one of its most prestigious attractions was built at the behest of the Roman Empire – the Amphitheatre of Durrës was once able to seat 20,000 people, but a series of earthquakes over the centuries have left this historic artifact in ruins. While the city is an ideal destination for archaeology enthusiasts, be sure to set some time aside for beachside relaxation – the western edge of Durrës is home to gorgeous sandy beaches with plenty of dining and drinking opportunities to be found along the shore.”

Seafood, Photo from Vertigo Restaurant in Durrës.

With its byzantine forum, amphitheater, Museum of Archaeology, castle, proximity to the capital, countless gorgeous beaches, and some of the best seafood in the world, Durrës has so much to offer and at astoundingly reasonable prices. From this tour of the ancient city to the best seafood restaurants in the city, find out how you can explore and get the best this underrated gem has to offer.

For the full article published in Forbes on Aug 31, 2020, click here.