IntoAlbania’s “Weekend in the Park”: Three Full Days of Celebrations

IntoAlbania’s “Weekend in the Park”: Three Full Days of Celebrations

The weekend of September 6th-8th saw the capital’s residents and families dance, relax, eat and drink – with some of them even using this wonderful chillout space to network – in the greenest area of Tirana, the Grand Park.

Weekend in the Park by day, photo by IntoAlbania.

Right by the lake, IntoAlbania and its partners created quite the welcoming setup. Colorful chaise lounges and gorgeous traditional rugs facing the water, food trucks and cocktail vans, wine tastings, and a nonstop flow of electronic beats coming from the greatest local DJs. Entrance was free of charge for the three full days of the event, creating quite the spontaneous atmosphere with people flowing in and out continually from noon to well after midnight. Families were welcome, as well, with a creative children’s corner making their participation more feasible and fun! All in all, Weekend in the Park may have been one of the most inclusive and fresh events of the capital, reminding everyone of all that the city of Tirana has to offer!

Weekend in the Park by day, photo by IntoAlbania.

Weekend in the Park, photo by IntoAlbania.

Music & Atmosphere

Ten different DJs played their own brand of electronic and dance music throughout the three evenings and nights. The park ended up being an even more fitting venue for this type of event than one may assume! The atmosphere was absolutely gorgeous and the DJs’ sounds echoed beautifully off of the trees and the surface of the lake. The luscious views of the setting sun as it sank into the lake only added to the vibrancy of the weekend’s magical nights. On Friday, Olsi Radioblog, Ad Disha and Chriss V took the stage to start the party passing the baton to Electroon, Uj pa Gaz, Amer Doux, and Ger Kacerja on Saturday while on Sunday, the Funky Villains, Yll Megi and Naam Van concluded the three-day bash in style.

DJ Naam Van, photo by IntoAlbania.

DJ Amer Doux, photo by IntoAlbania.

DJ Ad Disha, photo by IntoAlbania.

DJ Ger Kacerja and Uj pa Gaz back to back, photo by IntoAlbania.

DJ Olsi Radioblog, photo by IntoAlbania.

DJ Yll Megi, video by IntoAlbania.

Food & Drink

Tirana’s trendiest bars, Destil and Nouvelle Vague, served their world-class cocktails from their drink vans, situated next to the open dance floor among the pines. The popular burger joint, Haburger, served delicious gourmet beef and vegetarian burgers for lunch and dinner from their stand. Last but not least, legendary Durrës ice-cream shop Gelateria Çela came to Tirana to share its famous fresh flavor.

The Nouvelle Vague masters preparing their famous cocktails from the Bossa Nova van, photo by IntoAlbania.

Distil, one of the most creative spaces in Tirana, photo by IntoAlbania.

The most authentic burger around by Haburger, photo by IntoAlbania.

Legendary Durrës ice-cream shop Gelateria Çela, photo by IntoAlbania.

Afternoon Activities

Not surprisingly, some of the most attractive activities of Weekend in the Park were the ones for children. Organized by Lilú Kids Concept Store, the events included ceramic and playdough workshops, a reading of the most beautiful tale on earth “The Little Prince,” wall drawings and other crafts. In addition, Vena Winehouse organized themed wine tastings during all three afternoons of “Weekend in the Park.” On Friday, there was “The Best of Authentic Albanian Wines”while Saturday served an “Introduction to the World of Wines”and Sunday was reserved for “The Bubbles & Sparkling Wines.”

Drawing wall for children by Lilú Kids Concept Store, photo by IntoAlbania.

Wine tasting experience by Vena Winehouse, photo by IntoAlbania.


On Saturday, Women Founders Albania gathered a network of women entrepreneurs where they discussed ventures and projects among each other and interested participants. The program included rowing, organized by the Albanian Rowing Federation, an activity available to all participants throughout the duration of the event. Secondly, there was “Picnic & Networking” and, thirdly, “Wine-tasting Experience and Networking.” The latter was hosted by sommelier Fation Tila from Vena, with an “Introduction to the World of Wine” which included tastings guided by the sommelier.  Last but not least, on Sunday, speakers from Creative Mornings Albania met with interested event participants to share ideas and enlarge the network among people in similar professional spheres.

Women Founders Albania, photo by IntoAlbania.

Rowing, organized by the Albanian Rowing Federation, photo by IntoAlbania.

With a little of everything and an impeccable organization, “Weekend in the Park” succeeded in bringing together countless people for three days of music and celebrations in the open air.