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Polish Media Crown Albania the Undiscovered Paradise of Europe

Tourism experts count the ways in which Albania has slowly but surely become the vacation paradise of Europe.

Polish tourists are becoming the top visitors to the Albanian coast every summer. Even this summer, which saw a significantly diminished number of international vacationers in the country, groups of Polish tourists still made their way to the Albanian shores. It appears as though the much cooler temperatures of the Baltic inspires Poles to experience the sizzling summer heat of the Adriatic or Ionian seas. A match made in heaven.

The popular morning show Pytanie na Śnadanie (“Questions for breakfast”) dedicated some of its air time on July 28th, 2020 to the exploration of Albania, its many appeals and its fateful discovery as a perfect vacation spot. Via a live connection to Albanian tourism experts, the show explored the reasons behind Albania’s great appeal among mainly Polish but also international tourists.

Dhermi, photo by IntoAlbania

What makes Albania so great?

Tourism expert Gjergj Xhafa lists the numerous aspects that make Albania an ideal summer destination. Albania has a wonderful Mediterranean climate, countless beaches and mountains, and low prices, He further emphasizes the two very different coasts, that of the Adriatic and the Ionian, with crystal clear waters and around 300 days of sunlight. Not to be underestimated or overlooked are the truly rugged, undiscovered mountain ranges of Albania.

Dhermi, photo by Gëzim Mavriq

Continuing on to the more social questions, Xhafa mentions that Albania is a miraculously McDonald’s-free country with a booming local restaurant industry. Fresh foods and delicious local fare at very reasonable price points are, of course, another great attraction. Furthermore, he clarifies that Albania is a perfectly safe place to visit, discrediting outdated assumptions associated with Albania. “Absolutely not dangerous,” Xhafa says, “Albanians are extremely warm and open people.” What helps is that they know various languages which can be quite beneficial to all tourists looking to explore the land. So far, the Polish seem to enjoy all the Albania has to offer. “They are our country’s best explorers,” concludes Xhafa.

Watch the show here (in Polish).

Vajusha mountain, photo Granit Temaj