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The Best Tiramisu in Tirana: Our Top Picks

After taste-testing tiramisus all over Tirana, we suggest you try this mascarpone-layered, espresso-soaked cake in one (or all!) of the following six spots in the capital.

If you love Italian desserts – and who doesn’t? – then you are always looking for those places that concoct only the most authentic versions of such scrumptious Italian classics like tiramisu. The name of this dessert literally means “pick me up.” Indeed, this is what we ask of it each time we take a bite of this wonderous cake and it does exactly just that. One spoonful and we’re suddenly awake to the beauty of life! Below, find the places that serve the very best tiramisu in town.


Located at the very heart of Blloku, +39 serves tiramisu in a more daring way than usual. The famous dessert comes in the same typical Italian pot that is used to prepare the espresso. You can pour as much of the latter on the fluffy creamy substance as your heart desires. If you especially love tiramisu, you simply must try this version!

Photo by IntoAlbania.

Romagna mia

A traditional Italian restaurant with a variety of pastas, lasagnas, and desserts could not but have a delightful tiramisu! With a loyal tiramisu fanbase, Romagna Mia also prepares this classic in a new way. Their recipe, which they also deliver to your door, uses slightly different cookies than the traditional Savoiardi which nicely complement the finest cream and cocoa mixture. Definitely worth calling one in for a post-lunch pick-me-up at the office. If you want to have it delivered at your place call: 00355696542689.

Tiramisu at Romagna Mia, photo by IntoAlbania.


Cioccolatitaliani, right next to +39 in Blloku, is one of those places which truly caters to and does justice by the sweet-toothed people of this world. In addition to serving some of the best ice cream, coffee and Italian food in town, here you’ll find a particularly yummy tiramisu. The bottom layer of the dessert is soft, leaving the spotlight to the fresh cream on top, drizzled with dark chocolate. Perfect!

Fiore Restaurant

If you’re looking for that classic tiramisu, go to Fiore Restaurant. The tiramisu philosophy here is “why mess with a good thing?” and they may just be unto something. This is the taste you know and love and will remind you why you fell in love with this dessert in the first place! Fiore Restaurant is located near the former Qemal Stafa Stadium. For more, call +35542236394.

InPuglia Tirana

Just as the name suggests, the tiramisu here has the same exact taste as the one you will find in Italy’s best restaurants. It is a perfect complement to the rest of this restaurant’s creative menu, the ideal conclusion to a nice lunch or dinner! For an overall pleasant experience and classically good tiramisu, this is your foolproof option! If you want to know more about InPuglia, click here.

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Last but not least, Artigiano cannot be left out of this list! Not only because of its tiramisu, but because it seems to have the answer to every sweet or salty desire you may have. There’s so much to choose from that you may be too full to order dessert. But, we suggest that you save some room! The tiramisu here is different from the traditional one you may be familiar which makes it all the more fun to try!

By: IntoAlbania

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