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Top 5 Most Instagrammed Beaches of the Albanian Riviera

Instagram’s popularity among travelers has made it one of the general public’s most trusted sources of the world’s best touristic destinations. It is these destinations’ beauty and pure ability to make the individual have the experience of a lifetime that makes them “instagrammable”. As a result, during the summer, all one needs to do is open Instagram to have a look at the hottest spots and most beautiful beaches around. Indeed, in Albania’s case, where there are countless amazing beaches to choose from, this social network does an amazing job at automatically ranking them. So, which ones are Albania’s top 5 most instagrammed beaches?

5. #Himara

The Himara hashtag is mentioned more than twenty thousand times on Instagram. One of the largest village-towns on the south, Himara has a brand new promenade full of pubs, cafes, restaurants, fast food joints, and shops as well as plenty of space to take a relaxing evening walk by the beach. Himara’s multiple beaches and its strategic location, from where most of the South’s most beautiful beaches can be easily accessed,  are only some of the reasons why so many people prefer Himara as their vacation spot. Old castle and churches, delicious restaurants, traditional houses and modern touristic services make this the perfect place for a complete beach experience. It is also great for all ages!

View of Himara from the hills, Vlora. Photo by IntoAlbania

4. #Drimadha

Although it’s officially considered one of the Dhërmi’s beaches, this place’s great popularity and the thousands of check-ins and hashtags it inspires grants its own unique placement in this list. Boasting one of the longest coastlines in the south (6 km long), a few beautiful and accessible exclusive bays, great accommodation, and a contemporary, chill nightlife where lounges and small pubs dominate (although there is always a nightclub nearby!), this popular beach offers a nice atmosphere for all.

Drimadhes, Vlora. Photo by IntoAlbania

3. #Jali

While even Albanians mispronounce its name, they have no problem recognizing its wonderful panoramas and deep, clear blue waters. This small bay was the destination of choice for many of Albania’s former communist leaders as a resort on top of a hill demonstrates, adding a fascinating dimension to an otherwise famous party beach. In the summer, the most popular Albanian nightclubs transfer here, hosting some of the most legendary parties of the coast. The wild afternoon foam parties and cool music played by local and international DJ-s every weeknight at the famous #FolieMarine club, make Jali’s name pop up nonstop on Instagram.

Jali Beach in Vlora, photo by IntoAlbania

2. #Ksamil

The islands and village of Ksamil are the most photogenic corner of the coast! This hashtag has been mentioned more than forty-four thousand times on Instagram for good reason: this destination’s paradisiacal beauty deserves to be recorded. Yet, its popularity cannot be entirely attributed to Ksamil’s natural beauty but to the rich historical sites located right next to it, as well. Located near the UNESCO heritage site of Butrint, which houses the magnificent ruins of an ancient city, Ksamil attracts the history buffs in addition to the beach lovers. There are many reasons to love and share this place!

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1. #Dhërmi

Predictably, this historical favorite of Albania’s southern coast ranks the highest on Instagram. Dhërmi’s perfectly dreamy turquoise waters, great nightlife, and restaurant variety have caused this destination to be shared with friends for years, now. The Dhërmi hashtag has been used more than fifty thousand times with most of the photos and videos depicting primarily beautiful sceneries of the Ionian Sea and amazing sunsets, as well as people enjoying cocktails under the iconic straw umbrellas. The image of a perfect summer!

Dhermi, Vlora. Photo by IntoAlbania